Inforbix to Present at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference

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Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO Inforbix, will present how Inforbix tackles data complexity in manufacturing

The underlying power behind Inforbix’s apps is provided by Inforbix’s semantic technology.

Inforbix ( will present how Inforbix deploys semantic technology to address growing data complexity in manufacturing companies at the SemTechBiz Conference in San Francisco June 3-7, 2012. Inforbix also has been invited by SemTechBiz to participate in its Start-Up Competition, where Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO Inforbix, will present a presentation entitled “Solving the Problem of Engineering Data Complexity.” The pitch contest will take place 12:30–3:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 5, at the conference.

Inforbix is a cloud solution that aggregates and exposes on-premise product data from multiple sources and locations without actually touching, moving, or migrating files to the cloud. Users access Inforbix with any standard web browser. It is simple to deploy, secure, and both fun and easy to use. “We are excited to present how Inforbix deploys semantic technology to solve some of the most challenging engineering data problems at this year’s SemTechBiz conference,” Shilovitsky said. “The demands of design and engineering data consumption in manufacturing organizations have surpassed the ability of most users to manage and control their data. Inforbix is changing and improving how people in those firms interact with their data.”

Manufacturing companies generate vast amounts of data. These organizations are asking how they will survive tomorrow with such data complexity. Inforbix helps companies solve the problem of data complexity in a new and different way.

1)    Inforbix uses smart components (product data crawlers) that scan on-premise data and give users access to data, no matter where it’s located or how it’s sourced. There is no data extraction involved, no data import, and no data conversion. The process is automatic and requires little to no effort to deploy and maintain.
2)    Inforbix uses intelligent semantic modeling that infers relationships between disparate sources of data. It combines, links, and connects these data pieces, then exposes that data using product data applications.
3)    Inforbix uses the power of the cloud to allow broad and cost-effective data access.

Learn more about Inforbix technology by visiting and more about Inforbix product data applications at

Boston-based Inforbix is a software company founded in 2010 that addresses product data challenges within manufacturing companies asking: “There’s lots of data everywhere. How can I access it all with a single solution?”

The Inforbix mission is to develop and market industry-leading software solutions that significantly improve productivity by streamlining work and reducing time involved in accessing and sharing product data. Inforbix develops intelligent apps for intelligent data access. Apps offered are simple tools that address specific product data tasks such as searching and accessing product data, organizing and presenting product data, and visualizing product data trends and patterns.

The underlying power behind Inforbix’s apps is provided by Inforbix’s semantic technology. It automatically finds and infers relationships between disparate sources of structured and unstructured product data. By linking and connecting related product data, Inforbix provides users with the ability to locate and access product data quickly and thoroughly.

PDM and PLM systems offer search, but success depends on properly structured and consistent data formats, and those systems can only search within their own infrastructure. Inforbix is product data agnostic: it can access structured and unstructured data located anywhere in a manufacturing company (CAD files, Excels, PDM, PLM, ERP, CRM and more). Inforbix apps are not meant to replace Product Data Management (PDM) systems; they will co-exist and extract data from them. However, for small companies without PDM systems, Inforbix apps can provide a useful and affordable alternative. For larger companies, Inforbix apps are the “glue” that connects all companywide product data together in meaningful and helpful ways. Inforbix apps are cloud-based and fast to deploy, require no data migration or maintenance, and provide data security by preserving the on-premises data without touching it or moving it into the cloud.

The primary products, Inforbix Search—which finds and accesses product data quickly and easily—and Inforbix Tables—which assists you in presenting product data in useful and meaningful ways—are but the first in series of many product data apps. The company also in January 2012 debuted the first mobile platform for using the Inforbix system, an app for the iPad. The apps require no training or prior experience to use: Inforbix access is through a web browser.

The software is priced affordably for any size manufacturing company to deploy companywide. Demo Inforbix and get personally acquainted with a new easy and seamless way to access product data in your company. Go to to give Inforbix a test drive.

For more information on Inforbix, visit or, or contact Vic Sanchez at 1-603-860-8238 or vic (at) inforbix (dot) com.

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