CitySpoon Inc.’s New Social Networking Platform, SpoonerSpot, Continues to Improve and Add New Members

Share Article, the new social networking platform in beta testing by CitySpoon Inc., is seeing an increase in user traffic and is preparing for several promotions to continue increasing membership

News Image, a new social networking site being developed by Las Vegas based CitySpoon Inc., has released several updates based on user feedback and is looking forward to several upcoming promotions to increase awareness of the new geographic micro-blogging experience. SpoonerSpot, which uses an interactive map to display user information, has been in a live beta testing mode since March of 2012. In that time the site has seen a significant increase in user traffic, and with it has received several ideas from users that has helped shape the future for SpoonerSpot. The development team at CitySpoon is constantly taking in user feedback, discussing how to resolve potentially confusing situations on the social networking platform and overall implementing several strategies and new features to create an even more engaging experience.

Since the launch of SpoonerSpot’s public beta a large number of new users have found the site. Using a variety of social networking techniques and platforms, the marketing team at CitySpoon has been hard at work increasing awareness of SpoonerSpot to the online social networking community. Through these efforts the company now communicates to several thousand individuals every day through the SpoonerSpot and CitySpoon Facebook and Twitter platforms, and those individuals are now making their way to the exciting SpoonerSpot platform located at From there these individuals are signing up for accounts, finding other users to “follow” on SpoonerSpot and taking advantage of Spotting, the core functionality of SpoonerSpot.

Spotting, the equivalent of posting content on other social networking platforms, allows users to simply right click anywhere in the world and tell a quick story, share a picture or both about that location. These locations can be anything from a city to a street corner, providing flexibility and freedom with how users want to take advantage of the website. Users then see a customized map featuring the “Spots” of the other users they follow, providing a unique view of the world through the eyes of the individuals they choose to follow. Sharing the world using SpoonerSpot creates a whole new type of social networking, and truly allows users to “put your life on the map”.

As part of the company’s online marketing efforts the CitySpoon team is partnering with bloggers and local businesses to create exciting promotions that give users even more reason to use SpoonerSpot. These promotions will focus on asking users to “Spot” their favorite places in a certain category, relating back to where the promotion is being hosted; promotions being run through restaurants, for instance, will ask users to Spot their favorite restaurant or even their favorite meal at the restaurant, while a promotion being run through a travel blog will focus on asking users to Spot their favorite travel destination. Users will then be asked to share a link to their Spots on Facebook or Twitter, showing the world where they think the best place is for the promotion they want to enter. The logistics behind these promotions are still being processed, but CitySpoon’s team encourages any interested users to check SpoonerSpot frequently for upcoming promotional information.

The social networking landscape is changing rapidly, and SpoonerSpot’s take on social networking is one that bridges that gap between the real world and the virtual. Users can use the site to share their world, learn about the world of their friends and more. The site is still in beta, and feedback is appreciated. Soon SpoonerSpot will be leaving beta for its final platform, and the development team at CitySpoon is eagerly waiting to take the next step, bringing SpoonerSpot into the homes and lives of everyone interested in a new level of the social networking experience.

About CitySpoon Inc.:

CitySpoon Inc. launched in the Summer of 2011. The site serves as a local guide for living bigger, better, and smarter by providing in-the-know recommendations, candid user reviews and expert advice for businesses and events in CitySpoon communities.

CitySpoon was created as a multi-platform resource for people to save money and help businesses grow. The site offers discounts on national products consumers already know and love while providing local businesses with an affordable avenue to market their current promotions. CitySpoon members are enthusiastic about life and the driving force behind the company.

CitySpoon has refocused its efforts to develop, a new Social Networking platform that uses an interactive map to display user information. This new endeavor is currently under development and holds great promise for CitySpoon Inc.

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