Online Marketing Specialist David Twigg Says That Split Testing Is Now A Nobrainer For Online Marketing Campaigns

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Online Marketing specialist David Twigg says that split testing technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds in the last 12 months allowing analytical feedback that is too valuable to ignore.

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As technology gets more sophisticated, the ability to gather higher quality actionable data increases allowing us to make increasingly more informed decisions as to what works and what doesn't.

PPC advertising through Google, Bing and Facebook continues to steamroller more traditional methods of lead generation for companies as reported by Covario last month. In their Global paid search spend analysis report covering the first quarter of 2012,PPC spend in the USA had grown 15% year on year and an amazing 88% year on year in the Asia Pacific region.

Whilst many marketing professionals are still adjusting to this relatively new world of Pay per click advertising, where the advertiser only pays a generally modest fee each time their ad is clicked but pay nothing if the ad is not clicked,the more advanced PPC management specialists have forged ahead in taking the scientific analysis to ever higher levels.

Split testing is one of the areas that is seeing major advances in 2012 due to technology breakthroughs. David Twigg from OMC, Online Marketing Specialists says, "PPC ad copy and Landing page split testing have been around for a while but as technology gets more sophisticated the ability to gather higher quality actionable data increases allowing us to make increasingly more informed decisions as to what works and what doesn't." Google themselves offer a product called Website Optimizer which runs what Google call "experiments" to test variable factors on a landing page to gather evidence to see which option converts the best.

Also buried within the myriad of settings in the Google adwords interface is the ability to run split tests of ad copy by creating 2 or more versions and setting it up so that each version of the ad gets an equal amount of traffic, once impression numbers are high enough a judgment can be made as to which test won, e.g. which version got the most click throughs. One of the great internet resources for Split testing is Anne Holland's, Anne lists 43 different multivariate AB split testing software packages. also lists a range of other online marketing platforms where split testing should be considered which include option forms, newsletters, offer broadcasts, autoresponders, triggered campaigns and mobile tests.

As with all marketing, budgetary factors have to be considered, David Twigg says, "Making your marketing accountable is the single biggest criteria that businesses need to focus on. The 2 biggest mistakes made in Online marketing are letting artists design your website and letting scientists manage your split testing. Websites and split testing are a means to an end, the end being sale or lead generation so finding the sweet spot of 20% resource investment for 80% improvement should be the ultimate goal."

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