United Sovereignty Alliance Comments on Recent Government Accountability Office Hearing – Calls for National Energy Policy Referendum Vote by the People

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The United Sovereignty Alliance believes that recent information provided by the Government Accountability Office regarding oil in the Green River area should be presented to the people of the United States. “The Declaration of Independence requires a government that serves all the people and allows the people access to all domestic energy supplies,” says Burt Hill. “There is a lot of recoverable oil in the Green River area and the people should have a say in what to do with it.”

A Supreme National effort will be needed to get us through this.
John F. Kennedy

Recent disclosure by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals that the Green River area of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado contains up to 3 trillion barrels of oil.[1]

“According to the GAO hearing, at our current usage of 18 million barrels of oil per day this Green River area oil will last over 250 years,” says Burt Hill, Founder and CEO of the United Sovereignty Alliance. “The Federal Government controls a third of the nation's land mass – over 700 million acres of which twenty five percent are national parks. That leaves 525 Million acre's of land available for oil exploration and development.”

  • Why This Finding Needs To Be Revealed To the People

A recent book by Dick Morris called "Screwed" detail's the Government's plan to sign the Law of the Sea's Treaty that will give the United Nation's fifty percent of the royalties from all oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific within the U.S. Territory.

“The book also details that the United Nations would eventually be given full control of all U.S. domestic energy deposits at which time our nation will be under the thumb of foreign control,” says Hill. “If the American people knew this was happening, they’d put a stop to it. They wouldn’t let the United Nations take 3 trillion barrels of oil from their soil.”

  • Environmental Regulations Both Help and Hinder American’s Access to Domestic Energy

“Coal is our least expensive source of electric power yet recent E.P.A. regulations[2] will force a number of the nation's coal fired power plants to close[3], which could lead to dramatic increases utility bills,” says Hill. “Millions of Americans cannot afford higher utility rates.”

“By withholding vital domestic energy supplies from the people it's supposed to serve with respect to the environment, the E.P.A. violates the constitutional rights of every American by choosing the environment over the people thus committing constitutional treason,” says Hill. “These E.P.A. regulations are so strict that the technology needed to comply with them will cost the industry billions [4]. The federal government is supposed to serve and protect the governed not oppress them.”

  • A Call to Action

“The United Sovereign Alliance believes it is the responsibility of the government to inform the people of this great nation that a cure for their oil crisis is available. Right now, the only thing standing in the way of 3 trillion barrels of oil is the EPA and an uninformed populace,” says Hill. “The people should be given the option to vote on what to do with this oil discovery in the Green River area. It is their land, and they should have a say in what to do with it.”

About the United Sovereignty Alliance
Formed in 2011, the mission of the United Sovereignty Alliance is to educate, encourage and instill in the people of this great nation the will to read the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Federalist Papers to realize that their great republic is in danger.

For more information, please visit http://unitedsovereigntyalliance.org/Home.html.

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