Cause and Prevention of Newly Publicized Flesh-Eating Infection - Necrotizing Fasciitis, Health News Site Helps Spread Awareness about the Disease

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Health news site shared the cause of the rare flesh-eating infection - necrotizing fasciitis - and the preventive steps people can take to prevent it. With its post, the website hoped to help spread awareness about the disease.

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the infection can be caused by several types of bacteria. And those bacteria are everywhere

Necrotizing Fasciitis captured the attention of the public last week after the condition of Aimee Copeland was widely reported. also created a post on May 14 about the rare flesh-eating disease. To help educate the people about it, news website also posted an article about the cause and the prevention of the newly publicized infection.

According to the said post by foxnews, Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old victim of necrotizing fasciitis, already lost her one leg to the disease. And it seems that she's going to lose her fingers too because of it, it was added. All of that was started by the small gash on her calf which apparently, became the entry point of the flesh-eating bacteria, detailed the post.

In the said article, Dr. Michael Lucchesi, chief medical officer of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn shared his knowledge regarding the disease. And according to him, the infection can be caused by several types of bacteria. And those bacteria are everywhere, he added.

Here's an excerpt of the post The Cause and Prevention of Necrotizing Fasciitis by

“A new and rare disease has recently caught the attention of the public: Necrotizing Fasciitis. This less-known condition became the talk online and offline when a Georgia woman was reportedly brought to a life-death situation by it last week. But could you also be at risk of contracting the disease? What is the cause of it and can you prevent it?

"The woman is the 24-year old Aimee Copeland. According to the report, a gash on her left calf from a homemade zip line accident turned her life around as it became the entry point for the necrotizing fasciitis. The disease has already brought her an amputated leg. She may also lose her fingers to it, it was added.”

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Health resource website shared that severe cases of necrotizing fasciitis can lead to surgery and amputation. And because any cut or wound can serve as entrance of the flesh-eating bacteria, it emphasized the advice of Dr.Luchessi that people should be wary when get cut or wounded.

Additionally, the website stated that any wound must be cleaned, observed and followed. If specific symptoms are observed, it said that to consult a doctor is the best move to take. The symptoms it enumerated are redness, warmth, tenderness and pain on the skin overlaying the cut or wound.

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