Aviation Security is Never Routine...New Programs Address Changing Security Climate

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Global Elite Group adds new programs, enhances security services, provides recommendations and actions.

In recent weeks, aviation security experts became aware of the next generation of explosive devices - a barely detectable underwear bomb, as reported by CBS News and other news agencies. While the device was being tracked by multiple U.S. and foreign government agencies, this event demonstrates the need to always improve practices in order to remain vigilant when it comes to security. What the U.S. military and intelligence organizations learned is that new devices are being developed, and this remains consistent with the fact that groups and individuals are still very intent on harming the flying public.

“The efforts of terrorist groups to create the perfect device to bring a plane down is nothing new; what is new is the device itself as this shows a greater level of explosive device sophistication,” explained Will McGuire, President and CEO of Global Elite Group.

Global Elite Group provides a customized approach for all its airline clients throughout the world and during this time of increased tension, much is being done to make sure every detail in the security and screening process is covered. “When we identify potential vulnerabilities this must be addressed by implementing new controls. A random and unpredictable implementation of measures also serves to keep adversaries on their toes. There is no greater threat to aviation security than complacency and routine,” added Victor Anderes, Executive Vice President, Global Elite Group.

Global Elite Group has made it clients aware that activity by various groups could pick up and has made adjustments to its already strict security protocols followed by its clients. “This is the year of the summer Olympics and a presidential election here in the U.S., making sure none of the security measures, when it comes to aviation security, ever becomes routine is advice I hope the industry will follow. I know we certainly do,” McGuire explained. The best practices in aviation security; is to stay one-step ahead and remain proactive. “We cannot fight yesterday’s battles and must anticipate in advance what new attack methods and modus operandi will be employed by those with these intentions,” stated Anderes.

The company works with clients on both the intelligence and passenger front. As TSA certified airline screeners, Global works with airline and government representatives to better secure the aviation system. “We have advance information intercepting capabilities because of our work in many countries and are in cooperation with the governments in the countries we provide security services. When it comes to a threat, our best defense is to intercept it before it reaches the airline. At the airport, we will focus on the passenger—an assessment of each individual passenger will determine whether they require additional security screening,” Anderes continued.

Again this month, a private security company employee at Newark International Airport was discovered to be using a false identity. Reported by NBC News in New York, in a broadcast entitled, "Newark Airport Security Supervisor accused of using Deadman's ID," exposes the risks from within an organization. This security employee had high-level access to various points in the airport, further demonstrating the need to continually look at all threats, not just the ones from outside the organization, but also “insider threats.” Global refers to the insider threats as, “those threats posed by individuals that work within the system i.e.: airports, airlines and service providers. We have known for years that Al Qaeda and other groups are looking to infiltrate the system with their operatives,” explained Anderes. Global incorporates many levels of security surveillance and investigations for its personnel and its’ clients at all levels.

As part of the Global strategy, the company sets the bar very high for itself and when the evolving threat picture changes, so too do the programs they provide their clients. Conditions in each country are different and this is taken into account when working in various parts of the world. “What works in the U.S. may not necessarily work in Europe, the Middle East or Africa. We therefore rely on the local knowledge of our international partners to design a procedure that will fit the need,” Anderes stated. Aviation security countermeasures must be implemented in a layered approach; each must address a specific threat and must work in corroboration. There is no silver bullet.

About Global Elite Group:
The company provides security management services for airlines located in the U.S. and abroad, handling the security protocols for over 28 airlines including United, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Emirates. The company is known for its aviation security programs and is always expanding service offerings to compliment the security needs of individuals, companies and high profile travelers. The company is also TSA certified to provide screenings to individuals and groups. In addition to aviation security, Global Elite is a full-service event security management company with security details available for deployment to cover small venues to large-scale multi location events. The company has been a security provider to the United Nations, U.S. Government, Olympics, Microsoft, news organizations and travelling VIPs. Other services include risk assessments, emergency management and asset protection.

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