Ulmer & Berne Selects Akaibu for Reliable Archive Data Migration

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Akaibu Evolve uses intuitive auto-mapping during transfer to ensure that only complete, authenticated data is migrated to target archives. Email archive migration completed without downtime or disruption to business operations.

Akaibu, Inc., the archive data migration solution specialists, today announced that Midwest law firm, Ulmer & Berne selected Akaibu Evolve, a powerful, non-invasive email archive migration platform to safely transfer their data to an archive in the cloud. Having experienced a complicated and time-consuming migration during a previous project, Ulmer & Berne selected Akaibu Evolve for cost effectiveness, speed of data transfer, and security.

Ulmer & Berne was experiencing exponential growth of retained data, but with its legacy hardware solution reaching end-of-life they opted for a cloud-based email archiving platform. The firm could not afford an elongated data transfer cycle as it would complicate search, confuse users and require legacy hardware to be maintained. Akaibu Evolve promised a faster archive migration between these platforms that reduced the risk associated with manual data migrations.

“We had been through a very difficult and time-consuming migration at our Cincinnati office last year and we could not afford a repeat of that experience.” said Michael Cooper, Systems Analyst for Ulmer & Berne. “Email is such an important component of our business, this time we decided to use migration software specifically designed for moving archived data and the services of bluesource, a highly experienced archive migration consultant.”

During the data transfer at Ulmer & Berne, Akaibu Evolve ensured that only complete, authenticated data moved across to the target archive and provided a detailed picture of exactly when and where data was moved. Akaibu Evolve runs without any agents installed to the source or target servers, is nondestructive and does not write any changes to the existing archive, making it the ideal solution for safe and secure data migrations.

“We wanted to ensure our archived email data was clean, secure and well protected,” added Cooper. “We started with an initial pilot which proved the speed and effectiveness of the solution, and then migrated all of our email data. Using Akaibu Evolve, we were able to securely and efficiently extract data, resolve any problem items and put ourselves in a position to finally decommission our legacy hardware system.”

While a previous manual migration project took nearly a year, Akaibu Evolve enabled Ulmer & Berne to complete its data transfer project to the cloud in under 10 weeks from initial pilot to completion. The project was completed quickly and efficiently without incurring prohibitive costs. Akaibu Evolve delivered on all of Ulmer & Berne’s archive migration requirements without impacting business operations or taking the internal team away from critical daily tasks.

Mary Kay Roberto, CEO of Akaibu states: “Law firms, like Ulmer & Berne, need to rely on data that is accurate, uncorrupted and accessible. Long-term manual migrations can severely disrupt business processes due to unresolved errors and data loss. Akaibu Evolve ensures that migrations occur during times when there is reduced impact on user’s day-to-day IT usage. By selecting Akaibu, our users benefit from swift migrations with minimal risk of disruption or data loss.”

Akaibu helps organizations move their legacy data archives safely, quickly, and reliably to new archive platforms, storage or applications. Akaibu Evolve integrates with Autonomy Zantaz, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Symantec EV.Cloud, Mimecast, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365 to simplify time-consuming migrations.

Read the complete Ulmer and Berne LLP email archive migration case study at http://akaibu.com/Case-Studies.htm

About Akaibu Inc.

Akaibu, pronounced “a-ka-ee-boo”, is the literal Japanese pronunciation of the English word, ‘archive’. Akaibu is a software company based in Fort Worth, TX that designs, develops, markets, sells and supports data migration management software that safely and securely, simplifies and speeds up, the critical process of moving data from old archives into those that are more modern. Further information can be found at http://www.akaibu.com.

About Akaibu Evolve

Akaibu Evolve is a modular archive migration system based upon Microsoft Windows architecture. The software utilizes APIs published by the leading archive vendors, such as Autonomy and Symantec, to migrate email and other electronically stored information between archives with full chain of custody and audit capabilities. Akaibu Evolve uses an intelligent workflow system to ensure that customers’ archive migrations are performed without over-complication and yet retain a high degree of fidelity and flexibility.

For further information, please contact:
USA: Mary Kay Roberto, CEO, Akaibu on 817 357 4255 or marykay.roberto(at)akaibu(dot)com
UK: Rob Wirszycz, Director, Akaibu on 07920 759251 or rob.wirszycz(at)akaibu(dot)com

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