StreetHawk Chooses Ninefold To Shake Up Retail

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New shopping app uses Ninefold to solve the challenge of big data in the cloud.

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We chose Ninefold because we needed to host big data sets and deliver real-time matching performance for our RRR Engine.

StreetHawk, the new location-based mobile personal shopping service, has chosen to host its business on Ninefold, the Australian cloud computing and storage company.

StreetHawk is a personal shopper ‘in your pocket’ that hunts for your favourite purchases 24x7. It performs your saved searches, alerting you when it has found what you’re looking for near to your current location, or at the places you frequently shop, together with special offers. It combines the power of 3G, smartphones/mobile devices, cloud computing, web apps and GPS to help retailers win and retain customers by connecting them to available products in their local vicinity.

It chose Ninefold to host its unique Australian-developed RRR (Right place, Right time, Right person) platform. At launch, the app needed to support terabytes of real-time retail inventory from 50 retailers and 300+ shop locations to successfully connect traditional bricks and mortars retailers with smartphone shoppers in Sydney.

Currently, StreetHawk is hosting its heavy computing services, including data collection and some API servers, on Ninefold’s cloud. The next step is to move the smartphone API, currently on linode, and the content delivery network (CDN), currently on Google AppEngine, onto Ninefold.

StreetHawk captures and stores fast moving real-time data and needed storage space to scale rapidly without massive expenditure. It recognised that traditional hosting would be less efficient in handling the rapidly growing big data requirements of the new generation of mobile apps and web services. The growth in the mobile app market – expected to reach $35 billion by 2014 (according to research by IDC) – will also drive further growth in big data and cloud storage.

StreetHawk has longer-term ambitions to develop the RRR engine as a mobile ad network to help generate revenue opportunities and better targeting for retailers by marrying brands with location and behavioural data gained through mobile device use patterns. StreetHawk will offer RRR to other vertical sectors to help retailers promote brands and deliver targeted offers right into consumers’ pockets in a way not currently possible with mobile. With an active customer use rate of 30%, StreetHawk helps drive footfall and more sales to retailers, while helping shoppers browse and locate products more efficiently.

“We chose Ninefold because we needed to host big data sets and deliver real-time matching performance for our RRR Engine. We love Ninefold because of its elastic capability to increase size with demand and inventory, and elastic pricing model for cost control and efficient deployment” said Sri Panyam, Engineer 1 at StreetHawk. “Of most value for us is the extremely low latency for our mobile users who expect data in real-time. We have to deliver data as fast as possible to ensure ongoing user engagement, so speed is a clear benefit of the Ninefold service for us.”

“Advertising in mobile at the moment is a bug-bear for advertisers and retailers who are keen to try out this powerful new channel but lack the tools to do so effectively. In fact, the state of mobile advertising in Australia and the world right now actually puts brands back in the dark ages with its lack of targeting visibility,” said Natasha Rawlings, Chief Hawk at StreetHawk. “By offering an in-pocket, speedy, free service to consumers, StreetHawk, based on Ninefold, is helping traditional retailers stay relevant and engaged with customers.”

“Speed, latency and security are very important to mobile users, and we’re proud to see such innovation in retail, mobile and advertising in Australia on Ninefold. We’re also very excited to see where StreetHawk goes with its Right place, Right time, Right person engine as it looks set to be a game-changing mobile technology,” said Peter James, Chairman and Co-Founder at Ninefold.

About StreetHawk

StreetHawk is a new and revolutionary way of surfacing retailers’ vast inventory to shoppers while they are on-the-go through smartphones. StreetHawk uses its ‘RRR Technology’ to allow shoppers to search for the items they are looking for in the shops around them, or if they save their search StreetHawk will notify shoppers when they are around the item they want as they move around. StreetHawk has launched an aggregated app in fashion, but is also making its RRR technology available to retailers who want to drive footfall and engagement in their apps.

About Ninefold

Ninefold is an Australian alternative to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 with locally stored data, free local support, self service flexibility and low latency. This allows you to provision virtual machines and cloud storage quickly - scaling up and down when needed – and only paying for the resources you use.

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