The Cambrionix U8S charging station, now any USB device can be charged to it's optimum using just one charger

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Most people at sometime or other looked at the number of chargers on the desk and wondered, "Wouldn't it be great if we could have just one charger for everything". The Cambrionix U8S multi port USB charging station solves the problem, You can safely charge multiple devices, in the fastest possible manner, with no danger to gadget and devices and no negative effect on battery life.

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Cambrionix Ltd, Leaders in mobile technology charging and connectivity

Cambrionix, the Cambridge based technology company is well known in the USB charge and sync market. Chances are if your using a multiport USB charging station, it will be Cambrionix technology inside.
With so many gadgets now on the market that use USB charging, iPad's, Tablet's, iPod's and MP3 players, iPhone's and smartphones, handheld game consoles, e-readers and 3D glasses, charging these devices is now becoming a bit of a problem.

Most people know the problems of trying to find multiple unused electric sockets, enough space, the mess of cables, and of course, making sure you match the right chargers with the right gadgets. Desks and kitchen worktops across the globe are covered in gadgets on charge, ready for their next use. But the problem that most people are unaware of, and the main reasons you need so many different chargers are the issues of current and voltage.

Many people know it is important to match voltage of a power supply or charger to the product. The product will often say 5V DC. It is important that 5V DC is applied to the product.If too many too many volts are applied e.g 12V you will almost certainly destroy the product! If too few volts are applied, the product won’t work, So the the volts must be correct for a product to work.

Current is often a misunderstood concept. Current is supplied by a power supply or charger. A product (e.g an iPhone/iPad) consumes current. It will try and take as much current as it needs. So if a product requires 2.1Amps then the power supply should be able to supply 2.1Amps or more. If the power supply can supply more than 2.1Amps this doesn’t matter as the product will only take 2.1Amps. Providing less current will prevent charging or slow it down and eventually have a negative impact on the lifetime of the battery, this can be a very expensive mistake to make! So, to keep everything working at it's optimum level, it is vital to match voltage between the charger and device.

Enter the Cambrionix U8S change and sync component. Whatever device is connected, the internal database (user upgradeable via the Cambrionix firmware updater application) will ensure the correct charging profile is used, maintaining battery performance and extending battery life. The future proof design ensures that even if upgrading or buy additional devices in the future, the U8S will always be able to charge and sync them.

The Cambrionix U8S also gives you total control of individual ports via the host computer and a terminal application or programming script if required, without the need for additional hardware. Port monitoring via a terminal application allows a real time view of all of the port states including the charging profile used, the current being consumed by each device, security status and unauthorised removal plus many other parameters. This total control over individual port function makes the U8S perfect for use in Schools, Library’s, Charging Kiosks, Hotels and Restaurants, conference centre’s, Airline lounges, anywhere you can think of where your customer service can be enhanced by offering universal charging facilities.

For the Cart / Case manufacture's, it solves the problem of customers with multiple devices from multiple manufacturers, opening a huge untapped potential in the charge and sync market. As always Cambrionix is helping cart and case manufacture's expand product portfolio's into these new, and fast growing markets.

Give us a call today and we will help you get your customers "charged and ready for business".

Cambrionix are a fast moving, innovative company specialising in the design of professional data-transfer and charging products and offering custom product design services. All manufacturing and testing is performed within the UK. Visit our website or join the conversation on our blog Crispy Dock

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