Profile Publishing LLC Announces Release of YouTube Video by Bill Cima, Author of 'Less Government, More Future,' Entitled 'Winning the Discussion with Liberals'

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Bill Cima's video addresses three areas which form the foundation to political beliefs, but which a often misunderstood, to win the discussion with liberals; first, the correct representation of the political spectrum, second, the positioning of freedom on that spectrum and third, our founders placement on the spectrum.

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“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”
Thomas Jefferson, 1788

Bill Cima is fond of saying that every American needs to read his book, “Less Government, More Future,” prior to the 2012 elections. However, he recognizes that not all Americans have the time or inclination to read books of this nature. Therefore, he is making it easy. Watch his 15 minute video on You Tube and he guarantees you will learn enough about the political spectrum, economic freedom and how our founders positioned us for maximum freedom and economic vitality, that you will be well armed to win your next discussion with liberals.

Cima maintains that the problem with most political discussions is that their focus is on issues, like the candidates and specific legislative acts, instead of the foundation for beliefs. It is very difficult to move people in either direction with that approach, since most people first decide whether they are right or left, liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, then they rationalize everything to conform to that foundation.

Cima’s approach takes into account that in many cases, their foundation is not well rooted or is simply wrong and that discussing issues will not be effective until the foundation is rectified. Many people on the left think they are voting for more freedom, or that socialism helps the economy, when just the opposite is true. They are apprehensive about moving right as they associate dictatorships and less freedom with rightward drift, which is again not true. Many Americans do not understand the political spectrum, let alone where freedom and economic vitality are on the spectrum.

Therefore, Cima uses a “big picture” view that draws on history and economics to show that maximum freedom and economic vitality are well right of center, at the point of limited, but effective government, and that moving left from that point places the nation in a descending economic spiral.

His video first shows that throughout history, the core of differences between left and right has centered on the size and power of government. Those on the right favor less government and free market solutions, while those on the left favor more government and governmental solutions. Hence, moving right, governments decrease in size and power while moving left, governments grow in size and power. At the extreme far right, there is essentially no government, or a government so small and emasculated that the result is anarchy.

At the extreme far left, government is omnipotent and all controlling, as in communistic and totalitarian regimes. Cima maintains that all totalitarian regimes are far left, including communism, fascism, Nazism, monarchies, dictatorships and oligarchies. Since they need force and intimidation to retain control, they require large size and power of government and cannot possibly exist on the right.

“Winning the Discussion with Liberals” next tackles the positioning of maximum freedom and economic vitality on the political spectrum. The video makes the case that there is no freedom at the extremes, either in anarchy or in totalitarianism. Since government is the only entity that can oppress an entire nation, maximum freedom occurs on the far right, just a few steps inside of anarchy, at the point of limited, but effective government. With every step left from this point, citizens relinquish freedoms to government.

Then using evaluations of nations performed jointly by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, Cima shows that the benefits of economic freedom are enormous and all encompassing and that maximum economic vitality is coincident with maximum economic freedom.

The final piece of Cima’s puzzle involves our nation’s placement on the political spectrum by our founders. Our founders placed us as far right as possible, for maximum freedom and economic vitality. After failing in their first attempt, the Articles of Confederation, which formed too weak of a federal government resulting in anarchy at the federal level, they succeeded in placing us on the far right, just a few steps inside of anarchy. Our founders designed our present constitution for limited, but effective government and maximum freedom.

Cima attributes our meteoric rise to world power status to our far right positioning and he blames our current economic quagmire and financial crisis on America’s century-long drift to the left. As Cima notes, all governments move left over time, so keeping government on a short constitutional leash is the essence of retaining freedoms and economic vitality.

Obviously, Bill Cima’s book, “Less Government, More Future”, covers much more ground than he could in this brief presentation, such as how the degradation of economic freedoms was a major factor in the fall of Rome, how out of control spending for decades has created an American government that is twice its optimal size with ½ of the economic growth rate it would otherwise have, how Ronald Reagan created 25 years of economic expansion by unleashing economic freedoms, the 2008 financial crises and the rise of China.

However, Cima feels the video is a good beginning to winning the discussion with liberals. Those who desire to expand on this, can read “Less Government, More Future” or view his blog at

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