SwarmKnowlege.com Sits Down with Adam Freeman, Amateur Theorist, to Discuss Humanities Answer for Space Travel

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A non-physicist may have discovered a way to feasibly travel through space and time utilizing the properties of anti-matter.

Can anti-matter be the key to feasible space travel

Can anti-matter be the key to feasible space travel

the presence of anti-matter leads to a negatively curved space-time and a shorter distance to travel

Software engineer Adam Freeman believes he may hold the key to the greatest breakthrough science has yet to see: Space travel. The hypothesis entails the postulation of certain geometrical properties that happen to be cohesive with the laws dictated by Quantum Physics and General Relativity. These theoretical properties support the idea that anti-matter holds the mysterious properties that are so often attributed to dark matter.

With a more thorough understanding of anti-matter and its properties, physicists are closer to solving the paradoxical question as to why there appears to be more matter than anti-matter in our Universe. It is clear that our existing theories concerning anti-matter aren't quite right and Adam Freeman may have stumbled upon the reasons why. “The main reason our understanding of anti-matter is significant for physics,” Freeman explains, “is because if you think about traveling along the surface of the Earth, you are not actually traveling in a straight line. You are traveling along a curved surface, so the distance that you travel is actually longer than it would be if you were just traveling along a straight line. By the same token, the presence of anti-matter leads to a negatively curved space-time and a shorter distance to travel.”' Thus, understanding anti-matter’s unique properties may allow us to travel outside the realm of space-time as we know it and escape the limits of light-speed.

Freeman's hypothesis is worth further investigation for several reasons. For one, the gravitational properties of anti-matter have not yet been established since current methods physicists employ to generate anti-matter do not generate enough of it. So the properties ascribed to anti-matter by Freeman could hold true once enough anti-matter is generated and it can be observed experimentally. His hypothesis also offers physicists with a new way to look at the cosmological anti-matter problem, since the current prevailing view does not account for the observed discrepancies between the amount of matter and anti-matter in the Universe. Combining his theory with Occam’s Razor reduces the notion of Dark or Exotic Matter to familiar anti-matter. Best of all, his theory presents the possibility of anti-matter fueled travels through space.

Adam has worked on several innovative projects, adding to his credibility in this field. In the computer science world, his industry experience allowed him to not only start up computer companies, but to also help them grow. Working in collaboration with Motorola at LightSurf, he helped develop the first prototype of the camera phone. He also worked on the first consumer camera phone for Sprint, the SCP 5300. Also he aided in the development of the famous tiled image format FlashPix at Live Picture, in addition to working on an autonomatronic robot named “Scuttle,” which was developed at Disney Research. He has had the honor of working with software luminaries such as Philippe Kahn and Jon Snoddy, to name a few.

For a full interview conducted by Peter Marino of SwarmKnowledge.com and deeper look at Freeman's theory go to the full interview with Adam Freeman.

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