Amazing Tree Service Seeks to Help People Avoid Harm From Falling Tree Limbs by Informing People About Warning Signs

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How people can prevent damage from dead tree limbs by taking expert advice from tree service industry insiders.

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Mauricio and Amazing Tree Service seek to inform not only potential customers, but also anyone who may have a branch in danger of falling.

While it might seem like common sense to say so, fallen tree limbs can be very dangerous. A recent event in Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Park has recently revealed this truism when a large branch fell on a woman in 2007, breaking her arm and causing her to suffer from other terrible injuries. She ended up suing the City of New York, and the New York Times covered a story in which it has been reported that she was awarded $4 million for damages caused by the city’s criminal negligence. Mauricio Fallas, owner of Amazing Tree Service, says this limb’s collapse could have been easily avoided if maintenance workers had paid more attention to the potentially dangerous tree.

Mr. Fallas says it is more important than ever to pay attention to potentially dangerous branches and hire tree cutting services to prevent potential both injuries and lawsuits. High winds and storms may knock down branches all the time, and with the heavy rain that New Jersey has been getting in recent months and years, it is increasingly likely that branches may fall and hurt people and property. There are many signs that the owner of Amazing Tree Service seeks to point people to so that they can know a tree may soon fall.

There are many signs that Maurico urges people to look for to determine whether or not a branch is dead or weak. One sure sign is that it has not sprouted leaves and all other branches around it have. This is generally a sure sign that the branch may be about to fall. It is also possible for there to be weakness if two branches of equal size connect to the main trunk at a single point. This will result in a weak “joint” at which the two branches meet, which may easily break if stress is placed on them due to heavy wind or rain. If the entire trunk ends up being dead, complete tree removal might be necessary to prevent potential damages that may occur from fallen branches.

Mauricio and Amazing Tree Service seek to inform not only potential customers, but also anyone who may have a branch in danger of falling. The case in Stuyvesant Park should be a wakeup call to many people that a large dead tree branch can cause great harm to people, which may result in law suits and broken bones. Because of this, Mr. Fallas urges everyone to contact a dedicated and experienced tree cutting and pruning company to reduce the chances falling limbs could cause harm.

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