DiGi Distribution Creates a “Win/Win” Scenario For Indie Filmmakers

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New Video On Demand distributor gives independent filmmakers the chance to produce the most profits from their indie films while getting attention for DVD distribution

Video On Demand Distributor

DiGi Distribution is a new Video On Demand distributor that has been created by filmmakers for filmmakers. DiGi Distribution offers filmmakers the ability to get their film on Cable VOD, iTunes, and more, to maximize their profits from the content they created. It was formed by filmmakers who have received distribution many times, but when it came to payday, they were short stacked by the distributor and left with no answer. So after many hard years of work and patients, DiGi Distribution has come to life and is here to save the indie producers.

The “Win/Win”

Doing VOD distribution before a DVD release can really help the film get noticed, and if the film does well, it can greatly increase the value for international DVD territories. DiGi Distribution allows the producers to keep all DVD rights, so when the film is doing well on (e.g. iTunes) other DVD distributors can pick up the film at a more profitable price to the producer, therefor allowing for a “win/win” scenario to the producer, profiting from the sales of the film while showing how the film is an asset to DVD distribution companies (e.g. LionsGate.)

Nick Soares, CEO of DiGi Distribution, said earlier today, "there are many low-budget films out there that should have generated profits for the producers, but because of the "Net" contracts given to them, and the negative costs the distributor claims, the producers of the content will normally loose money, or at best, break even. DiGi Distribution aims to change that, giving the producers 70% gross profits of the film. The filmmaker will have the power to approve or decline proposed spending. In fact, when producers begin to realize that we will produce the most revenue for them, DiGi Distribution will begin to compete with the larger companies such as Universal Studios and Warner Bros for content distribution.”

When asked if Nick has a grudge against large studios he responded with this, “Not at all, I have the utmost respect for these companies, but a little competition is good for the economy and filmmakers alike.”

DiGi Distribution offers filmmakers the ability to get their films on the most profitable networks such as Cable VOD, iTunes, Hulu, and can get films on Netflix, Amazon, and more. DiGi Distribution also offers marketing for approved films, as well as 24 hour support to contracted producers for any questions or concerns they may have. DiGi Distribution handles the entire process from coding, to paying the producers their 70% share.

"This type of distribution company has never been offered before, giving the filmmaker the option to approve or decline expenses is exactly what filmmakers need", says Chris Boss, Vice President of DiGi Distribution.

Since the release of the Apple TV, XBOX 360 and other platforms that have access to networks such as iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu, the opportunity for an Indie film to get noticed and make a profit, increases. As long as the filmmaker makes the right decisions in selecting the right distributor for their film.

Domestic DVD sales are dropping, but digital distribution has been gaining headway the last few years, Soares says “DiGi Distribution has positioned itself at the front of the pack, capable of putting a film in 100 million homes, and is working on doubling that to 200 million homes with international VOD contracts underway. There has never been a more exciting time for the independent filmmaker.”

The main goal for filmmakers should be, to continue making films and doing what they love. To do that, they need to produce profits for the investors, this will allow cash flow for future films. DiGi Distribution will help filmmakers achieve this goal.

Expanding their options, DiGi Distribution is beginning to develop relationships with international DVD territory reps so DiGi Distribution can submit the films and get a lump sum for the filmmaker without acquiring any negative costs.

About Us: DiGi Distribution is located at 718 I Street, Reedley California. We offer VOD (Video On Demand) distribution for feature films to US & Canada. Contact us to get the most profit out of your film.

DiGi Distribution
718 I Street
Reedley Ca, 93654

(559) 530-2072

If you don’t have a feature film yet, or if you are just looking to get into film making, feel free to visit our Filmmaker Forum at http://www.filmmakerforum.org

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