Wood Recycling Business, Novus Wood Group LP, Highlights Mulches to Protect Against Drought

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For spring mulching, Novus Wood Group LP is educating wholesale and retail clients on effective solutions for protecting vegetation against the upcoming drought season.

Texas vegetation often faces the looming threat of seasonal drought as the May sun draws further onto the plains' flattened landscape, forcing gardeners to find ingenuous methods to stave off pests and conserve plant water and nutrients for the summer months.Novus Wood Group LP, the oldest wood-recycling center in the state, has supplied South Texas retail customers and statewide wholesale clients with mulching solutions since 1985. This spring, the ecologically minded company aims to educate horticulturalists on intelligent mulching products and procedures to prepare for a very dry summer.

By chipping down discarded trees into reusable, nutritional mulch, Novus Wood Group LP implements their core purpose of preserving natural resources; by laying the mulch in intelligent ways, consumers improve upon the environment and preserve their own landscapes. The company supplies wholesale soil mix, colored mulch, native hardwood mulch, compost and bark material, each with a different aesthetic and functional purpose for trees, shrubbery and flower patches.

During the spring, Novus Wood Group LP garden experts advise mulching around shrubs, completely covering any bare soil to conserve water and create a professional, kempt look. Newly planted annuals, perennials, and bulb beds will also highly benefit from ample mulching. Novus Wood Group LP designed its Coarse Native Mulch blend for use around freshly planted trees to preserve moisture for fledgling root systems.

As extreme drought depletes insects' food supply, they will venture into well-established planted areas to find sustenance. With Texas gardeners hydrating lawns in cooler parts of the day, pests will gravitate toward areas of greater moisture for survival. Novus Wood Group LP suggests that consumers lay down a substantial layer of insect-repellant mulch to ward off any vegetation-killing vermin.

Novus Wood Group LP supplies 80% of their products to wholesale clients across the state, requiring them to thoughtfully adapt to the variances of each geographic region and artistic landscape features. Because of this variability, Novus Wood Group LP encourages customers to contact them via phone, email or their website with any specific questions regarding soil protocol. By educating consumers on the most appropriate mulching procedures for spring, the company hopes to engender client trust while affecting widespread resource conservation for the harsh summer months.

About the company:
Founded in 1985, Novus Wood Group LP is the oldest wood recycling business in TX. The team prides themselves on the quality and integrity of their work. The core purpose of Novus Wood Group LP is to preserve natural resources and improve the environment by creating beneficial products from discarded biomass material. Novus Wood Group LP's primary service is making landscape and organic products. The company's custom, wholesale products include soil mix, colored mulch, wood mulch, compost and bark products. Novus Wood Group LP also provides services like vegetation management, wood processing, storm debris management, land clearing, brush grinding, dune building and collection and transportation services. For more information on Novus Wood Group LP, call 281-922-1000, email sghormley(at)novussystems(dot)com or log into the company's website at http://www.novuswoodgroup.com. The staff will be happy to help you.

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