17a-4 llc Offers Legally Enforceable e-Disclaimer™ to Compliance Services Clients

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17a-4 is offering e-Disclaimer™, a hyperlinked email disclaimer product, at no additional charge to firms engaged for compliance services. Many of the current hyperlinked disclaimers used in corporate e-messaging cannot provide the required authentication and are not legally enforceable. e-Disclaimer™ addresses these issues with a verifiable link making 17a-4’s solution fully compliant and defensible.

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The most crucial element to this solution is that it answers the legal and compliance issues that arise for institutions...

17a-4 llc’s hyperlinked e-disclaimer service provides the legal protection required for corporate emails and tackles the significant demands made on archival space. 17a-4 is offering this service at no additional charge to clients currently engaged in compliance consultation services. Virtually, all institutions enact some version of an email disclaimer to protect the rights and responsibilities of the sender. These disclaimers are estimated to account for nearly 15% of archival space. There is a considerable cost associated with retaining these email records. Entering into the equation are e-discovery reviews, which are lengthy and costly to an institution. The verbiage of a given email disclaimer (i.e. confidential, privacy, guarantee) can result in unnecessary flagging by supervisory systems used in legal reviews, squandering time and expense during the course of an e-discovery.

17a-4’s hyperlinked solution, e-Disclaimer™, removes the burden to archival storage and offers the solution to flagged content. The most crucial element to this solution is that it answers the legal and compliance issues that arise for institutions implementing hyperlinked e-disclaimers. As many organizations have begun to deploy hyperlinks, often to a webpage with a full disclaimer, they have failed to authenticate the connection. The legality of the disclaimer is negated unless each e-message can be proven to connect to a specific e-disclaimer, as it reads at the time of attachment. Attempting to address the archival and discovery issues have resulted in disclaimers that are no longer SEC compliant. Disclaimers are only enforceable if an institution has verifiable proof that, at the time of the email, the specific disclaimer was valid and linked. 17a-4’s solution offers the ability to prove the integrity of the hyperlink and manages a repository on behalf of clients. The repository contains all disclaimers used by an institution, including multi-lingual and conditional variations such as e-messaging and social networking disclaimers. The current offering allows clients that engage 17a-4 for professional compliance services to implement the e-Disclaimer™ free of charge. This has the potential to provide institutions with drastic savings and a legally compliant solution for disclaimer management.

17a-4 llc is an e-messaging compliance and litigation consultant focusing on information governance. They have developed software to fulfill corporate e-messaging requirements. With a unique combination of IT, legal and compliance professionals, 17a-4 is able to provide comprehensive service to their clients. “Providing solutions like e-Disclaimer to our clients is part of our effort to protect our clients against litigation and regulatory risk” Says Douglas Weeden, Legal Associate, 17a-4 llc.

Contact khayes(at)17a-4(dot)com or dweeden(at)17a-4(dot)com for more information on products and services.

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