Shmoop Doesn't Want Students to Myth a Thing

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Shmoop University explains Greek and Norse Mythology through the means of social media.

What’s the deal with that guy holding the Earth on his shoulders, and isn’t he afraid he’s going to tear a rotator cuff? Would “Icarus” be a good name for a new airline? Was Hercules juicin’?

As long as people have been interested in past cultures, they have been fascinated by those cultures’ mythologies – the stories that attempt to explain where humans came from, and why they are the way they are. Babs did her best to explain the way they were, but she left a few holes unfilled.

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the launch of MythiLeaks 2.0, and this time it has more than just the gods. Get all the dirt on some of mythology’s quirkiest figures, from nymphs born of trees to bull-headed men (and not just the ones who are too stubborn to ask for directions).

Learn more about:

  •     How does the ferryman of the dead really feel about Hades and Persephone? Shmoop’s got his personal diary ripe for viewing. It’s a little embarrassing in parts, but hey, he shouldn’t have left it out if he didn’t want someone to read it.
  •     Helen of Troy’s blog is as useful as it is entertaining. Her entry on “Quick Tips to Launch Ships” will be particularly helpful next time students want to start a war with those pretty faces of theirs.
  •     Want to know who’s in the Monster-Human Alliance with the Minotaur? Read all about this clique – and others. Hurry – Ancient Greek Week is right around the corner.
  •     Orpheus and Eurydice each have their own profiles – and, aww, they both like Elizabeth Barrett Browning and The Princess Bride. And if that’s not enough for students, read the dramatic love story behind their myth, which will take them all the way to the Underworld – and back. Bring plenty of clean underwear.

Check out Shmoop’s extensive mythology guide. If students devour it all and are still hungry for more, don’t worry – the crack Shmoop team of investigators is always digging for more hot gossip in the world of mythological figures, so you can expect 3.0 to follow soon. Keep an eye out for it – especially you, Cyclopes.

Next time, Shmoop will be serving the dish… Norse style. By the hammer of Thor!

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