Equity Crowdfunding: Ruth Hedges Sets Goal of Creating One Million Compliant Entrepreneurs

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Since the signing of the Jobs Act on April 5th, demand for information and clarity on issuer compliance rules has skyrocketed. Entrepreneurs and startups want to know what steps should be taking now to successfully launch a compliant crowdfund investing campaign. The launch of http://www.crowdfundingroadmap.com is the perfect place to get quick answers and easy solutions to help companies get started now.

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When the time arrives early next year, becoming SEC compliant and navigating the due diligence process will not be optional, but a mandatory process for all entrepreneurs looking to equity crowdfund.

“After working with Startup Exemption’s Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best, Zak Cassady and many others to help get the Jobs Act passed, and after seeing the final disclosure requirements that were written into the law for the issuers, it was clear that most companies would not be able to meet the requirements without substantial help. Since crowdfund investing is a major change in the way startup capital will be raised and the rate at which companies are launched and expanded, it’s vital that the experts in the field begin raising awareness now and preparing entrepreneurs ahead of time,” said Ruth Hedges CEO and creator of the Funding Roadmap and CrowdfundingRoadmap and one of the founding Board members of The Crowdfunding Professional association.

“Our company realized that many may need to become incorporated; companies will need assistance from an accountant (since the bill requires certified and audited financial statements for different levels of fund raising), and all companies will definitely need to begin to generate the lengthy materiel spelled out in the bill in a easy and inexpensive way. The new Funding Roadmap business plan and due diligence reporting system on the cloud is the perfect solution. A partnership between Funding Roadmap, Laughlin Associates, and 1-800 Accountant was created and Crowdfundingroadmap was born,” stated Hedges.

Setting a goal of one million compliant entrepreneurs.

“It’s important to understand the process is already heading toward the 3rd month of the 270 day SEC rule-making period and that January 2013 will arrive more quickly than people might think. If the proponents and legislators who passed this bill want the launch of crowdfund investing to be successful next year, the industry will need to set a goal to prepare at least 1 million entrepreneurs for legalized crowdfunding by early 2013. If the goal is reached, then there will be a functioning pipeline of issuers to fill the growing list of intermediaries and funding portals emerging across the internet. this will insure that a larger percentage of companies will get funded when the ground swell of excitement appears from investors looking for innovative companies to invest in. It’s simply imperative that the industry begins raising awareness and education to make sure that entrepreneurs are prepared ahead of time,” continued Hedges.

Even though Implementation of Crowdfund Investing will not be legal to start until January 2013, time is of the essence. The team at CrowdfundingRoadmap is proud to offer a one-stop resource center to get started and are urging entrepreneurs to begin preparing for this right away.

FundingRoadmap is a one of a kind cloud-based business planning and due diligence reporting software that is an essential tool to this entire process for the issuer, the intermediary and the investor community, who will insist upon this type of transparency and disclosure. In fact they offer the very first and currently the only one of its kind standardized cloud based reporting system available on the market today.

FundingRoadmap is not only suited to crowdfunding, but structures business planning and due diligence reporting to facilitate any type of startup and small business investing or lending.

When the time arrives early next year, becoming SEC compliant and navigating the due diligence process will not be optional, but a mandatory process for all entrepreneurs looking to equity crowdfund. Funding Roadmap is the only solution on the cloud available to help entrepreneurs meet those compliance requirements in advance.

“This is a monumental time in history for small business and entrepreneurs. Now that equity crowdfunding is becoming a reality, CrowdFundingRoadmap is fortunate to be the first company to provide this much needed solution. The company was already in the right place when the right time arrived; having spent years perfecting the software and working tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of transparency, disclosure and simplicity in the cloud-based reporting system. The biggest accomplishment is not only the simplicity of the system, but the ability to offer it at an unbelievable price.” says Hedges.

“With crowdfunding still in its infancy, it’s critical that entrepreneurs know where to turn to for answers in this emerging industry. At this time, companies may not even be aware of the urgency or what will be required come early 2013 and therefore the message and solutions need to start spreading now,” concluded Hedges.

Entrepreneurs trying to make sense of what equity crowdfunding is all about can confidently find answers by visiting http://www.crowdfundingroadmap.com, knowing it’s a trusted source, acknowledged & supported by industry leaders and experts who have been heavily involved in setting the stage for this new method from the start. Entrepreneurs looking to raise funds through equity crowdfunding will find the most comprehensive, inexpensive and easy cloud-based tool in Funding Roadmap to help get started.

While these are exciting times, each day new developments happening in the crowdfunding industry can lead to confusion. Rather than create even more confusion, CrowdfundingRoadmap makes it easy for entrepreneurs and Startups to understand the necessary steps that need to be taken now and will continue to provide updates to the cloud based reporting system so companies utilizing it will instantly be updated as information emerges from the SEC.


Funding Roadmap provides easy and secure multiple choice question prompts that effortlessly walk you through every detail of a plan for your business and the due diligence reporting process applicable for Equity CrowdFunding on the cloud. Includes a video elevator pitch feature and secure document repository, so the business can present both a comprehensive profile business as well as a personal vision of the future. Share the presentation 24 / 7 in-the-clouds to potential, investors, lenders and partners, and the presentation can even be used to apply for a FEMA/ SBA disaster loan. Keep it current for the everyday guidance of the business and the yearly reporting requirements of the SEC for Equity Crowdfunding and it will save your business months of time, money, and frustration while increasing your chances of getting funded faster.

Laughlin Associates specializes in working with start-ups and has assisted over 80,000 companies over its 40 year history. The company works hand and hand with clients to establish a corporate structure and make sure the company is set up properly from the start for maximum growth, asset protection and long-term profitability. Laughlin helps register the Corporation quickly, easily and affordable. Form your corporation today and start raising the money needed to launch your business.

1800Accountant provides a full suite of products and services aimed at helping business owners and entrepreneurs get a leg up on the competition. The company has helped tens of thousands of small business owners across the country increase profits, minimize risk and protect the business. the company is excited to partner with FundingRoadmap and to help businesses seeking the power of CrowdFund Investing meet and exceed the financial statement and other disclosure requirements so they can achieve all goals. With a dedicated team of Crowd Funding tax experts, catering to clients in all 50 states, our clients have experts at their disposal when needed to keep the business moving forward in the right direction for long term success.

Contact: Ruth E Hedges, CEO, Unismart Capital Software, Inc.

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