Reptiles Rock! Warm Up to Cold Blooded Critters at Petco’s Reptile Rally

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Third Annual Reptile Rally for Enthusiasts and Squeamish Alike

Don’t scale back when it comes to cold-blooded critters this summer. In fact, it’s time to celebrate their unique physique during Petco’s Third Annual Reptile Rally! On June 2 and 3, 2012, reptile enthusiasts will have a chance to show off their pals’ scaly skills in a Cold-Blooded Beauty Contest. For those who still get the “willies”, there will be a hands-on meet-and-greet to help the squeamish warm up to the cold-blooded community.

To pay further tribute to these beauties, guests can learn even more about reptiles during a Scaly Scavenger Hunt. Following are just a few of the interesting facts and clues to be shared during the scavenger hunt:


  •     Chameleons have eyes that can move independently of each other so they can look in two places at the same time.
  •     They have a prehensile tail, like a monkey, that they can use to wrap around branches while climbing.
  •     Long tongues are key to catching prey for chameleons. Their tongue can dart quickly out of their mouth and the end of their tongue suctions to their prey and then they quickly draw it back in. Yum!


  •     Uromastyx, what kind of animal is that? Uromastyx’s are lizards that are naturally found in the Middle East and northern parts of Africa where temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees!
  •     At the Meet the Critter’s Event, there will be Niger and Mali Uromastyx lizards. Both have very unique bodies with triangular heads, rather bulky bodies and distinct tails that have rows of spikes from the base to the tip.
  •     Their spikes are not as sharp as they appear, but they look very intimidating to their enemies.

Green Tree Pythons

  •     Adult Green Tree pythons are completely different colors than when they hatch. When they are young their colors can range from yellow, orange or brick red and develop into their green coloring at about six to eight months.
  •     As their name states, these beautiful snakes spend the majority of their time in trees, coiled on branches with their head resting in the middle.
  •     Green Tree Pythons in nature will tease their prey by dangling their tail to attract their prey just enough to strike.

Leopard Gecko

  •     Unlike other Geckos, Leopard Geckos have real eyelids that can open and close, just like humans!
  •     Also unique to only Leopard Geckos, they have little claws instead of sticky pads to help with climbing.
  •     Leopard Geckos are great beginner pets, as they only require a 10-gallon aquarium and sand that is available in an assortment of fun colors for children to customize their Leopard Gecko’s home.

Bearded Dragon

  •     Crickets, mealworms, veggies are some foods that make up a Bearded Dragon’s dream dinner. These foods offer a variety of foods and flexible feeding schedule for pet parents once the dragon is grown.
  •     Bearded Dragons get their name from the extra skin they puff out on their chins. This resembles a beard and the male dragon’s beard even turns black when trying to impress a female.

Reptile appearances and in-store selection may vary by location. For more information on June’s Meet the Critters: Reptile Rally event, please visit

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