With “Worst Ever” Allergy Season Predicted for 2012, Elegant Linens, Luxury Bedding Boutique, Offers Super Spring Cleaning Tips

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ABC News reports that 2012 may be the “worst ever” allergy season. Elegant Linens wants their customers to sleep blissfully among their luxury bedding, so read on for tips on how to spring clean both home and boudoir. A deep spring cleaning now may save both customer and bedding from allergen woes and will beautify the home in time for summer fun!

Spring 2012 is here, and along with it, apparently, pollen! ABC News and several other sources indicate that 2012 is predicted to be the “worst ever” year for allergens, so Elegant Linens, luxury bedding boutique, offers tips on how to spring clean the home and bedroom to keep allergens to a minimum and to beautify the space for a new year.

How to spring clean with glee is a question many may have. While the exact origins of spring cleaning are a mystery, people from China to the US have cleaning rituals that relate in various ways to the change of seasons, to the new calendar year, or to spiritual practices. In Greek mythology, Demeter, goddess of the harvest, and her daughter, Persephone, are reunited for six months of each year (Spring and Summer!), during which time Demeter rejoices and crops flourish. Hence, Greeks may have an ancient spring cleaning ritual related to the goddess of the harvest.

Foregoing all drama, but keeping the idea of a flourishing, happy home environment, Elegant Linens, luxury bedding boutique, offers the following tips on how to spring clean out for the home and boudoir to pave the way for an enjoyable summer. Everyone from Martha Stewart to eHow has spring cleaning lists available to make the process more streamlined. As with most projects, preparation is key. Also, considering the “worst ever” allergy season this year, Elegant Linens adds a few additional house-keeping tips.

To Get Started:

1. Assess the Situation: How full is the closet? When was the last time the window décor was cleaned? How much of what is in the room is necessary to the season? Is there anything that can be given away or thrown out? Be thorough. A new year often equals lots of new stuff. Make room for the new goodies by giving, regifting, or recycling the old.

2. Assess What Items, If Any, Need to Be Purchased Before Spring Cleaning Begins: Spring cleaning is much less fun when one has to stop and start due to not having the needed equipment or materials. Get momentum going and maintain that speed! Set up the spring cleaning plan for success by double checking the stock of basic cleaning supplies that may need to be renewed prior to cleaning, and take that trip to the store in advance. New batteries, cleaners, wipes, light bulbs, linen storage bags, and other storage containers may all be on the list!

3. Plan the Work, Work the Plan: Map out where the cleaning work will start and finish. This will keep the cleaning on track, preventing distractions. Start in the kitchen? Be sure to provide that much needed sense of accomplishment by finishing one room before moving on to the next. In cleaning one area, one often ends up cluttering up another, but resist the temptation to try to clean every room at once! Prevent getting overwhelmed by keeping the focus narrow: one room at a time!

4. Got Luxury Down Bedding? Air It Out: If one has down pillows, duvets, or mattress, a little time in the fresh air and sunshine does wonders. Some fabrics will fare better in direct sunlight than others, but generally, most fabrics will benefit from some direct rays of sun. Use discretion and set a timer if worried about leaving an item outside for too long. If using a dryer, use a no heat or low heat setting and add a brand new tennis ball or two to the load to help in fluffing the down. Some down materials may be washed easily without issue, too, so consult the care instructions. Most sources recommend washing down with minimal, mild detergent, pre-diluted with water, and using a delicate cycle with an extra rinse. Find out more about down laundering and hypoallergenic down products at http://www.elegantlinenspc.com/bed-basics.htm.

5. When Storing, Do It Right: Nothing is worse than returning to beloved fabrics in winter and finding them compromised by bugs or microbials that enjoyed the fabrics as tasty treats over the summer. Most luxury bedding materials will fare best in linen storage bags placed on open shelves– a set up that allows necessary breathing room – versus storage in plastic bags in plastic storage bins. If using satchels with natural-scent mixes useful for deterring bugs, be certain to place them next to, and not on top of, the fabric. Also, especially in high allergen years, these scents should be light and natural as possible, see below!

6. In High Allergen Years, Minimize Scent Stimuli: Since the outdoors may offer plenty of reason to sneeze this year, one's indoor scents may exasperate the issue. Hence, in a health article on Rodale.com, they suggest keeping synthetic perfumes, heavily scented cleaners and bug sprays, and other scented home-care items to minimum in allergen years. Luxury bedding is best laundered with a minimal amount of mild, chemical-free detergent in any case. Keeping bedding, especially pillows, pillowcases, and sheeting fresh and mostly scent free may help alleviate some of the seasonal sensory stress. In any event, using lightly scented or non-scented items will not compound the issues from outdoor allergens.

7. Consider Buying 100% Cotton or Organic Cotton Bedding: Synthetic fibers or cotton/poly blends may be tempting with less care and lower cost, but such synthetics may also contain additional chemicals that may aggravate the chemically sensitive. Choose 100% cotton to promote overall quality of home bedding and minimize the chemical load. Manufacturers now provide an array organic fabric options when looking to dress your bed. Visit http://www.elegantlinenspc.com/SDH-Bedding.htm to see examples of some of the most luscious organic sheets and top of bed available in the textile market today. The SDH Purist line will fulfill the need to have a chemical-free sleep environment! Feel good about "green" bedding purchases. Avoid potentially harmful synthetics and invest in luxury bedding that will naturally help reduce the allergens in your home.

8. In High Allergen Years, or for Ease in Any Year, Leave Shoes at the Door: Tracking in the outdoors with one's footwear may not always be a big deal, but consider equipping the front and/or back door with a shoe rack, basket, or glorious, easy-shake rug to capture the family footwear to prevent the spread of dirt, dust, and pollen through the home. Some families may choose to keep slippers or flip-flops specific to walking around the house by the front door, so one can perform a “Mr. Rogers”-style shoe switch upon entering. Also, if kids or adults have been gardening or doing yard work, a full scrub down and immediate laundering of outdoor clothes will minimize impact of any incoming pollen carrier.

9. Got Other Spring Cleaning Ideas? Try deep cleaning the fridge, for fun! Remember inside and outside window sills, screens, and glass. When was the last time the attic got some love? The garage? How about the stove? Get thorough and creative with cleaning and feel great when it's done!

To read the article "Spring 2012 Worst Allergies" story from ABC News, click:

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