The Ministry of Deliverance and Today’s Church

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Busting the myths on deliverance in the church today.

What is the church’s perception of deliverance today? Above & Beyond Counseling Center in Tampa, FL, in conjunction with Rain & Company Marketing Group conducted a survey to gain insight about this controversial ministry that focuses on casting demons out of people.

Over the years, our culture has been exposed to some sensational views of the practice of deliverance, which is commonly called an “exorcism”. Hollywood movies show people’s head spinning around like an owl or a haunted house that has its walls bleed and collapse closer to a victim. Ministers can be seen on TV or YouTube conducting almost theatrical events in church settings that typically generate a lot of noise and activity.

There is great debate and mystery associated with this topic even in the church. Use of the term “deliverance” itself can bring provoke fear in some and anger in others because they do not believe that the ministry is for today and that those who engage in it are going down the wrong path.

The survey had several questions, including “Does the church need to be educated on the ministry of deliverance?” and “In your opinion, what are the biggest myths about deliverance?”

Dr. Don Ibbitson, founder of Above & Beyond Counseling Ministries, said that “We maintain that the ministry of deliverance is for the church today and that people can be trained to do it. The church is called to drive out demons and it can be done gently and thoroughly and need not be a spectacle.”

Phyllis Tarbox of Above & Beyond stated, “It is not uncommon for people to fear the topic or run the other way because of the perceptions they have gathered.”

“We believe that the church needs to be educated and trained in deliverance,” says Ibbitson. “We don’t pretend to have all the answers but I think it’s time for the Christian Church to move ahead in this area by clearing up mis-perceptions and bringing light to the topic rather than heat.”

“The survey revealed what many believe about deliverance and also some of the greatest myths. We intend to address the myths one by one and hopefully bring some clarity” said Tarbox. Above & Beyond Counseling Center is beginning a new series called “Busting the Myths of Deliverance” starting June 6th, 2012. “We will address the biggest myths about deliverance in video format and post a new video every other week” declared Ibbitson.

Above & Beyond Counseling Center provides counseling and deliverance services on a worldwide basis. The Counseling Academy offers educational programs for those interested in becoming Christian counselors or learning how to minister in deliverance. For more information, please contact Above & Beyond Counseling Center at 1-800-264-6236 or visit them online at

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