Card Scanning Solutions Offers Simultaneous Use Of Multiple SnapShell® OCR ID Readers, Enhancing Information Extraction And Processing

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CSSN Inc. dba Card Scanning Solutions recently announced the ability to connect multiple SnapShell® OCR ID Readers to the same computer. This connectivity is via a computer’s USB ports and a USB hub can be used for connecting additional SnapShell® scanners if required. Using CSSN’s OCR software, the consecutive scanning of multiple ID cards such as driver’s licenses is now possible. This ability enables users to capture information from more than one ID card quickly and efficiently resulting in accuracy and reduced time required for scanning and extracting vital information.

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Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) has been a leading software company specializing in image processing and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Their state-of-the-art solutions offer time- and cost effective means of automated information collection which is ideal for access control and visitor management needs. The SnapShell® OCR ID Reader is a revolutionary ID camera scanner which captures driver’s license information quickly and accurately. CSSN recently announced the ability to connect multiple SnapShell® camera scanners to the same computer via USB. This enables users to consecutively capture vital information thereby increasing accuracy and efficiency within any arena that requires the collection and maintenance of ID data such as medical clinics and health departments.
ID reading with CSSN’s SnapShell® ID scanner, is as simple as snapping a picture. With its easy plug and play installation, the SnapShell® camera scanner is able to read the OCR of driver’s licenses and ID cards of all 50 US states and over 80 countries worldwide. Once a card is placed on the scanner, the auto-detect feature triggers scanning and it is able to extract both data and images from the ID card. This ability gives the flexibility to capture a full image of the ID card, or to only capture the face and signature image. By connecting multiple SnapShell® scanners to the same computer, users can consecutively scan numerous drivers’ licenses while the vital information is being read and extracted. The benefit is the increased capturing of data thereby saving time and costs. If there are insufficient USB ports available, a USB hub can be used to add additional scanners.
The SnapShell® uses a 3 mega-pixel camera built into its base and it offers high quality, fast image capture of 1 second for 300 dpi and 2 seconds for 600 dpi. The ID scanner’s innovative geometric design features a small footprint and it is a low maintenance solution which has no moving parts and requires no calibration. These key features make the SnapShell® ID reader a convenient desktop tool which also enable users to use multiple scanners simultaneously on one computer.
CSSN also offer a wide variety of software packages and development tools and the SnapShell® ID reader can come bundled with CSSN’s idScan® or® modular software, or it can be used with an OCR SDK (Software Developers Kit) for smooth integration into 3rd party software. CSSN’s OCR software is able to read the OCR of driver′s licenses and ID cards from most countries around the world as well as read 1D and PDF 417 2D barcodes. Other optional features include state-of-the-art optical ultra violet and infrared authentication of a driver’s license. With CSSN’s comprehensive OCR SDK, the advanced reading technology of the SnapShell® ID reader is easily incorporated directly into ones software giving one full access to the automated data-collection process. In this way, manual data collection and record-keeping is removed and replaced with accurate, quick and efficient information reading and extraction.
CSSN’s user-friendly and easy-to use solutions have assisted a variety of industries globally in running efficiently and systematically. Customers can now use CSSN’s OCR software and connect multiple SnapShell® ID readers to the same computer thereby expanding the ability to extract information automatically. Having access to multiple scanners simultaneously puts scanning at one’s fingertips and gives one a competitive edge in any industry.
Additional information on the image processing solutions offered by CSSN, Inc. can be found at
Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) is a leading developer of card reading and image processing technologies. They are renowned for developing an OCR engine that can read the driver licenses and ID’s from all 50 states and over 80 countries. Their high-level DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms are able to filter and clean tarnished images received from an ID scanner, which differentiates their technology from other OCR providers. CSSN Inc. offers valuable solutions that significantly increase productivity, save time and money and result in greater efficiency in a wide variety of industries including Medical, Financial, Hospitality, Security and more.

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