Debuts New Web Design to Deliver Simplified Steps to a Complex Science for Product Enhancement

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Constance and Yury Kronn are pleased to debut their newly revamped website, The new informational and user-friendly site enables online users to understand the phenomena behind the application of modern science they developed to enhance a versatile spectrum of everyday consumer products; this blue-ribbon technology will one day influence many future technologies.

Owners of Energy Tools International LLC, Dr. Yury and Constance Kronn, are proud to announce the formal debut of their newly revamped website, Prompted by a desire for the populace to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of this new field of science and its applications, the couple transformed their old website (originally launched in 2002) with a sleek and user-compatible redesign.

“The field of science we are working in will help researchers unravel some of the mysteries confronting modern science, make it possible for further advances in existing technologies and establish toxic-free solutions to many serious problems we face today,” Constance said.

Launched a decade ago, Energy Tools International LLC was developed by Dr. Yury Kronn, a quantum radiophysicist from Russia, and his wife, Constance, the administrative manager. They have developed a technology based on integrating modern quantum physics with ancient sciences that have been around for centuries. The technology uses energy to influence a wide variety of substances. This operation introduces new qualities to substances, including solids, liquids and powders, to permanently enhance their properties in a noninvasive and toxic-free technological manner.

“The concept behind our technology is analogous to how a material gains magnetism by placing it within a magnetic field. The magnetic field transforms it from an ordinary substance to a magnet,” Constance said. “Our technology does this on the subatomic level, changing the original properties of a substance to enhance its benefits.”

This energy-based scientific enhancement is compatible with a versatile spectrum of everyday consumer products. This technology can improve substances for companies that work in the health, wellness and psychology fields, such as formulators of health supplements, beverages and massage therapy products, to name a few; it can also assist companies in agriculture, sports and performance applications. Additionally, this new technology can assign specific properties to neutral substances like man-made crystals or silicon, making them useful for many industrial applications. New areas of substance enhancement are continuously being researched and developed.

The information behind this energy phenomenon has been around for ages. However, since the properties of this field are not directly measurable with modern scientific equipment, it is widely ignored in the scientific community. Along with Dark Energy and Dark Matter, which by deduction occupy 95% of the Universe, this energy phenomenon has become the unspoken “fifth force,” a perplexing addition to the four currently recognized forces of nature: the strong, the weak, the electromagnetic and the gravitational.

The company is currently performing experiments with two major universities to develop a more acute understanding of this science, and many progressive researchers worldwide are working to do the same. Additionally, Dr. Kronn is looking to collaborate with other credible scientists to further explore the full potential of this technology; the goal is to solve problems by analyzing perplexities and then initiating substance influence to deliver positive change.

To learn more about the many benefits of this futuristic technology, visit the company’s business blog, This interactive platform will also be used to further establish a better understanding of this new science as well as clear up any misconceptions about this profound enhancement technology.

“It’s our priority is to generate understanding while promoting the stability and versatility of the quality, scientific improvements we develop for a vast array of specific problems,” Yury said.

About the Company: – a segment of Energy Tools International LLC – is owned and operated by Constance and Yury Kronn.

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