Rust-Free Help, Releases Rust Spray That Promises Safe and Effective Rust Treatment made available to the public its non-toxic rust removal spray. The product, which was formulated using natural ingredients, promises an effective and safe rust removal process.

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With the absence of the harsh chemicals, the non-toxic rust spray, also called as Rusterizer, offers a safe way to beat rust and its stain.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 27, 2012

Almost all home items are prone to rust damages. The corrosion may not occur spot on the item but its stain can extend to other things marring them. To save any rust-damaged piece from total ruin, released a product that can help users deliver an effective and safe rust treatment.

When formulating the product, lived up to being green. The company only used organic ingredients to produce the said rust spray. Among the raw materials it used are citrus, corn, soy and coconut.

Learn More About Rust and Rusterizer

With the absence of the harsh chemicals, the non-toxic rust spray, also called as Rusterizer, offers a safe way to beat rust and its stain. The use of the product releases no harmful elements that can pose risks to anybody's health exposed to it. Additionally, it adds no pollutants to the environment.

But on what particular items can you use the product? Well, given that it is non-toxic, Rusterizer is safe to use on almost any item, the company's representative said. Users can you use it on the rusty metals and rust stains on wood, plastic, concrete, ceramics, even on clothing and other materials.

See All The Materials Rusterizer Can Be Used On

Initially, the product was available only to large companies. Contractors often used it on corporate and commercial buildings. And thanks to its formulation that made rust removal fast, easy and safe, contractors were able to cut down their labor costs thus increasing their profit.

After the renewed licensing agreements though, the non-toxic rust spray was also made available to the public. That means anybody who got rust problems can now get a safe and effective help in the form of Rusterizer. And affordable as it is, users need not big money to get it. What's more? The product requires no scrubbing so rust removal is made fast and easy.

But being an online company, understands the inhibitions consumers have on new products. And so to prove the effectiveness of its rust spray, the company released a video of the eco-friendly product in action. Apart from that, it also offers a complimentary sample of the non-toxic rust remover.

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