Advanced Brain boosting Supplement, Ultra Mind & Mood, Uses State of the Art Natural Health Science to Improve Cognitive Performance

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PURx Health announces its latest all-natural supplement, Ultra Mind & Mood. By incorporating principal vitamins, amino acids, traditional herbs with nutritional science and rigorous research, Ultra Mind & Mood brain boosting supplements enhance focus, clarity, memory and mood.

PURx Health is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements

Ultra Mind & Mood brain boosting supplements enhance focus, clarity, memory and mood.

PURx Health is excited to introduce Ultra Mind & Mood, an all-natural caffeine-free choice for peak mental performance and mood enhancement.

Using extensive clinical studies, scientists at PURx Health have formulated an optimal combination of vitamins and amino acids with all-natural herbs to work synergistically for maximum mental-enhancing results.

The collective characteristics of Ultra Mind & Mood make it an excellent supplement to enhance mental performance in today’s busy world. The speed at which information and business decisions are developed and implemented requires top mental sharpness and clarity. In order to compete and succeed in today’s demanding environments, functioning at a high mental level is crucial.

In addition, today’s active and demanding lifestyle can contribute to inefficiency’s in mental preparedness and performance, thereby leading to a degree of anxiety. Anxiety in everyday situations can cause mood swings and loss of mental balance, which can negatively impact personal and professional relationships.

Business professionals and College students can all benefit from Ultra Mind & Mood to maintain their edge in today’s competitive world.

Maintaining mental acuity and memory for the aging baby boomers has become more of a concern than any other disease, including cancer. Due to its unique combination of cognitive reinforcing ingredients, Ultra Mind & Mood enhances and maintains mental performance for these individuals.

Ultra Mind & Mood contains B vitamins. Also known as the “energy vitamins,” this family of vitamins has been shown to increase sleep quality, concentration and serotonin levels. One study in the United Kingdom found supplementing with Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, made people “more clearheaded, composed and energetic.” In another study, women supplementing with Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, for one year reported “improved mood” and “better mental health.”

Ultra Mind & Mood also contains six amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins and mechanisms for mental health and metabolism. One such amino acid, Theanine, was found to have a “significant effect on the general state of mental alertness” and attention span. Another amino acid, 5-HTP, increases serotonin levels and effectively regulates sleep.

In combination with brain boosting vitamins and amino acids, Ultra Mind & Mood contains a blend of cognitive enhancing herbal ingredients including Asian Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Guarana and Gotu Kola. Asian Ginseng, has been shown to improve memory and feelings of calmness. Another herb, St. John’s Wort, has been shown in several studies to improve mood.

With a cutting-edge combination of vitamins, amino acids and herbs, Ultra Mind & Mood is the most effective brain boosting supplement on the market. Whenever people need to perform at their best, whether it be writing code or writing a story, playing music or playing with children, creating new ideas or creating new designs or simply to maintain mental acuity and memory as you age, Ultra Mind & Mood is the only all-natural caffeine-free, brain boosting supplement synergistically formulated to enhance focus, clarity, memory and mood.

About PURx Health:
PURx Health is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Harnessing the synergy of nature and science, PURx Health creates immune boosting and brain boosting supplements that combine traditional herbs and modern nutritional science for maximum effectiveness.

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