Custom Designed Music Systems Give Businesses a Competitive Advantage in Difficult Economy

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Leibold Communications, a Seattle area company specializing in the Business Music and Television Industry, recommends that merchants consider seriously the benefits professionally designed and installed audio systems offer.

So, a man and his wife opened a small business, perhaps a restaurant, a store, or even a service office with a pleasant waiting room. They have a great product or service to provide and have decorated the space to offer a comfortable experience for its customers. Unfortunately, something is missing. Realizing that something is music, they haphazardly relocate their dusty living room stereo and begin to run speaker wire. The results are mixed at best, but they figure it is not that big of a deal…it’s just music right?

Well, not exactly. In fact, they may have done irreparable harm by not taking seriously the effect that a professionally designed and installed audio system can have on business. Leibold Communications, with 40 years of experience with music for business Seattle, would like to offer several ways a good audio system can give businesses a competitive advantage in this especially difficult economy.

Set the Mood
The obvious and initial reason to want music for business is to create the desired atmosphere. Perhaps providing calm, soothing melodies will put customers into the right frame of mind, or maybe something more upbeat could generate excitement. The sky is literally the limit with the numerous options that satellite radio can provide. Quality audio equipment, strategically placed by trained professionals, is just as important as the music that is played. Don’t blow this opportunity to create the mood and draw customers into the full experience of your business!

Time is Relative
The effect that appropriate music can have on perceived wait time for customers cannot be overstated. Having a quality audio system is almost like equipping your waiting room with a time travel device for customers. Awkward silence, on the other hand, can resemble something more of a prison. The film, Shawshank Redemption proved this principal in vivid detail, and presumably, people are not sentenced to spend time at your establishment.

Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain
Many businesses try to keep customers separated from the hard work that goes into providing great products and services. Music is a great way to cover up noise created by the not so glamorous side of business. Let the magic happen without spoiling the illusion and maybe Dorothy will just decide to stay in Oz longer, or at least leave satisfied with her experience.

Paging Mr. Herman…
Businesses of all types often utilize a paging service to alert customers to a variety of things. Outfitting a lobby or noisy lounge with a quality audio system that allows clear paging instructions can keep customers in the loop, usually muting music simultaneously. Creating this direct connection with customers will allow business to flow properly and help to avoid embarrassing oversights that often lead to an unwanted and unnecessary Big Adventure.

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