Corporate Whistle Blower Center Demands the US Congress Change the Culture of Incompetence at the US IRS for Whistleblowers - It's Costing the Taxpayers Billions Each Year

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The Corporate Whistle Blower Center believes the US Congress must fully investigate a culture of incompetence at the US IRS, that frequently leaves whistleblowers, and cheated taxpayers siting on the curb with nothing. The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, "When it comes to submitting a whistleblower claim to the US IRS, you simply give them the information, and hope they do not assign the case to an incompetent agent, who has little understanding of US tax codes. There is little to no transparency, so even if you give the IRS a great whistleblower case, you never know what happens. If the IRS blows it, as they so often do, no one outside of the IRS ever knows-that is if they even know they blew it. Case in point in the fall of 2011 the DOJ announced a whistleblower case against a national financial institution for cheating the US taxpayers out of nearly a billion dollars. We had turned the same group into the IRS in 2004. It was a multi million dollar tax fraud case. The IRS assigned the case to a IRS agent with no tax experience, and the case was dropped-this cost the US taxpayers nearly a billion dollars. When we informed the US attorney in New York now handling the billion dollar whistleblower case in November of 2011, the first thing she said was-please tell me you have not gone to the media about this. Anyone else have a problem with this?" http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

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Some of the best whistleblower attorneys, and or law firms handling whistleblower cases describe dealing with the US IRS, "as giving something to the guy behind the curtain, and then you just hope for the best

In the strongest terms possible the Corporate Whistle Blower Center is demanding dramatic changes in the way the US Internal Revenue Service treats whistleblowers. Some of the best whistleblower attorneys, and or law firms handling whistleblower cases describe dealing with the US IRS, "as giving something to the guy behind the curtain, and then you just hope for the best with respect to them doing something with the case-no transparency-no updates, and no vote as far as selecting an agent that is competent." The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, "We need House, and Senate hearings on how incompetent the US IRS is, when it comes to IRS bungling major whistleblower cases. We already know Medicare fraud costs the US taxpayers $60 billion dollars per year, we assume Medicaid fraud costs at least that much, or more. How much does major tax fraud cost the US taxpayer each year? We think its in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and we need something better than the Keystone Cops culture at the US IRS to do something about it." http://CorporateWhistleBlower.Com

Some First Hand Examples Of The IRS Bungling Major Tax Fraud Whistleblower Cases From The Corporate Whistle Blower Center:

  • In October of 2006 President Bush signed into law the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The Corporate Whistle Blower Center almost immediately started an investigation. By the spring of 2007, the group already had enough evidence to prove the one of the largest US banks was laundering Internet gambling proceeds to US Internet gamblers, along with the one of the biggest banks in Germany-via its US offices. The tax fraud was in the billions. The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, "We presented our information to the Justice Department, and the IRS. Soon after two special agents from the IRS flew in from Las Vegas, only to say, if you do not back off on your Internet Gambling investigation, the Russian Mafia will probably kill you. No banks were ever punished for money laundering?"
  • The Corporate Whistle Blower Center in 2006 approached the US IRS about major US homebuilders using a phoney 1099 tax fraud scheme, in which undocumented workers primarily from Mexico helped build many of the homes in the US housing boom from 2004-2006. The group estimates over 1,000,000 undocumented workers were involved. These workers were 1099'd by the major homebuilders, and few if anyone paid any federal, or state taxes. Again no action on the part of the IRS?
  • In a more recent development the Corporate Whistle Blower Center has become aware that major contractors, are using undocumented workers on US military bases, again using the 1099 tax fraud scheme, and in possible defiance of Davis Bacon Laws. Because Mexican drug cartels are responsible for much of the illegal immigration of undocumented workers into the US, via the US southern border, the Corporate Whistle Blower Center believes this is a national security issue. However, they are not willing to work with the US IRS on this investigation, fearing another failure. If the US Department of Defense, or the US Congressional Committee for Homeland Security has an interest in this-the Corporate Whistle Blower Center will give its full cooperation-provided basic agreements can be reached.
  • The Corporate Whistle Blower Center has first hand information about an environmental whistleblower, who has been very critical of the Obama Administration's handling of a major environmental disaster in the US Southeast. In this instance the whistleblower has been audited by the IRS, his Taxpayer Bill of Rights were thrown out the window, and federal crimes may have been committed. The Corporate Whistle Blower Center is now formally requesting any group that has been critical of the Obama Administration, and then received an out of the blue IRS tax audit to contact them with specifics. The group will forward any meaningful information to the office of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives for possible action.

The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, "There needs to be a major overhaul at the US IRS, the deadwood needs to go, and the days of looking the other way, not abiding by federal laws, or failing to properly represent the US taxpayers must come to an end." http://CorporateWhistleBlowerCenter.Com

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