Princess Alexandra Hospital Neurosurgery Department Declares Faster Document Turnaround - From 3 Weeks To The Same Day with Winscribe

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Increased efficiency with faster document turnaround times going from 3 weeks to within a day has enabled the hospital to provide better patient care to Neurosurgery patients thanks to implementation by Solutions To Go

Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) Neurosurgery Department, one of Australia’s leading teaching and research hospitals based in Brisbane, has declared phenomenal reductions in turnaround times of documents going from 3 weeks to only 1 day, by converting from an inefficient analogue tape based system to the highly sophisticated digital dictation software – Winscribe. Managing 30 authors and 2 full time transcription staff, Linda Bundesen, the Office Manager of the Neurosurgery unit, was ecstatic about the upgrade and it seems everyone is embracing the change. “Not one dictation has gone missing, if we accidently delete it from our queue, as the administrator I can quickly retrieve it! We love Winscribe! I have never had to ask any of my doctors to re-dictate letters like we used to. Letters are also typed within 1 - 2 days, some straight away and sent out promptly after that. Doctors love the system,” Bundesen stated.

Like many hospital departments, Linda’s team were working from an analogue based system using tapes. “We were not able to understand doctors on tapes so our doctors had to re-dictate over and over again resulting in lost dictations and time. Our letters were not getting out in an appropriate time frame,” Linda stated.

These inefficiencies resulted in decreased patient care and slow processes became a common occurrence. It was decided that a state of the art digital dictation system be evaluated. Management wanted a system that would allow authors to dictate and typists to transcribe documents and letters faster as well as enabling doctors to access telephone based dictation. Additionally, a company that would go from implementation to after care support seamlessly was important to the department. After careful consideration and evaluating, Winscribe was selected and then introduced into the PA Hospitals Neurosurgery unit by Australian IT company and Winscribe reseller, Solutions To Go. Winscribe’s credibility, having been implemented in many Queensland based hospitals including the Gold Coast Hospital, gave the PA Neurosurgery unit the incentive to implement this well known application. “As the Gold Coast Hospital had Winscribe implemented by Solutions To Go and other hospitals were also implementing it, most of the doctors already knew how to use Winscribe. We also wanted to use it as the capability of dictating over the phone was very attractive to us,” Linda comments.

Solutions To Go was able to quickly implement Winscribe into the department and able to obtain a return on their investment which Bundesen noted, “In my eyes it was instantaneous!” Linda also commented on the ‘perfect’ customer service standards of Solutions To Go. “The tech staff are amazing – mind you I don’t ring them much, but when I do have a problem and can’t get into Winscribe it is fixed almost immediately. Great service!”

Significant time savings have been noted by the Neurosurgery unit. Previously doctors would dictate and the transcriptionists would have to wait for the tape to arrive and sometimes never arriving being lost along the way, resulting in more time dictating and less time spent with patients. With Winscribe’s ability to dictate over the phone, there is no need to ask for handsets to be returned for docking therefore no waiting on doctors to return tapes and no loss of dictation occurs. “Some of the doctors use their mobiles or if they are in their private rooms they can dictate and also find it outstanding,” Linda comments.

In a fast paced high stress environment, Winscribe has changed the Neurosurgery department’s working environment significantly. Linda concludes: “I haven’t had any loss of dictation since using Winscribe. We have greater ability to incorporate using the system off site and being able to type the letters up straight away. It’s so easy to use and typing figures are complete and correct. Having the doctors put the UR in for patients has decreased our workload significantly with less time in fielding inquiries on dictation work. Ease of use, no loss in dictation and fast turnaround are the differentiating benefits of Winscribe.”

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The Winscribe solution at PA Neurosurgery was sold, installed and is supported by Solutions To Go Pty Ltd who also provided staff training. Solutions To Go Pty Ltd has installed Winscribe Digital Dictation in hundreds of sites throughout Australia and supports more than 10,000 users. Solutions To Go Pty Ltd has offices and agents in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and are a Microsoft Certified and ISO 9001 certified company.

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