ClearZal® BAC Uniquely CLEARZALL of the Germs that May Cause Nail Infections

Without doubt the best weekend of the year thus far. Glorious sunshine led to millions of us either heading for the beach, to the park, or just the back garden.- Off came tights and socks and shoes and out popped the feet perhaps for the first time this year.

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"50% of all nail infections are not caused by fungus at all, but by bacteria".

Oxford, Oxfordshire (PRWEB UK) 30 May 2012

Be truthful- are those nails in tip top condition? Or do they suffer from infection?

There are a host of products now available to treat fungal infections, which are best avoided as often they can be difficult to shift once contracted.

But that could be a big mistake - 50% of all nail infections are not caused by fungus at all but by bacteria. If you were to use an antifungal agent alone it would be ineffective. Unless a sample from the nail was sent away for laboratory analysis nobody would know of the actual cause of the infection.

Only one product, ClearZal® BAC, Kills 99.9% of the fungus, bacteria and viruses that may cause nail infections.

Powered by the broad spectrum antimicrobial Benzalkonium chloride with the soothing property of Aloe Vera this unique clinically proven formulae is designed not to let the nails down.

ClearZal® CLEARZALL of the fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause nail infections.

ClearZal® BAC can be used with nail polish, nail extensions, false nails and can be used on any number of toenails or fingernails.

The large economical 30ml bottle cost just £18.33 and comes with a superior
glass nail file.

ClearZal® CLEARZALL… the clear solution for Healthy Nail.


  • Christian Hankins
    Zeon Healthcare
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