Blue Ridge Jams: Celebrates Over Fifty Years Using a Small Batch Artisanal Specialty Food Manufacturing Process

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Small-batch jelly and jam manufacturing still viable in todays local markets. Blue Ridge Jams finds a way to retain the old fashioned feel of preserving fruits with a touch of creativity.

Blue Ridge Jams: Gourmet Specialty Food Products

Blue Ridge Jams: Gourmet Specialty Food Products

Small batch artisanal production allows for smaller companies to specializes in providing culinary creativity, mixing spices, herbs, peppers, liqueurs, and wines to create unexpected flavor combinations that will delight your palate.

Blue Ridge Jams is a small batch specialty food manufacturer, specializing in jam, jelly, and preserves located in the Blue Ridge Mountains just south of Asheville, NC. A small family business, started in 1961, is dedicated to creating small-batch artisan gourmet food products that are literally packed and stirred by hand the old fashioned way. Processed in small batches, many of the recipes are developed and adapted with research from old time recipes. Each recipe is prepared with utmost care in small batches from local, seasonal fresh fruit and quality ingredients including pure cane sugar to ensure the height of freshness and flavor.

Surprisingly, Blue Ridge Jams specializes in providing culinary creativity, mixing spices, herbs, peppers, liqueurs, and wines to create unexpected flavor combinations that will delight your palate and engage your taste buds. Creating the products in small batches allows for this company to expand the flavor variations to include products that are not traditionally seen on the market place including Honeysuckle Blossom Jelly, Wild Huckleberry Jam, Damson Plum Preserves, Wild Crabapple Jelly, and Jalapeno Strawberry Jelly, and Wild Dewberry Preserves. Blue Ridge Jams also produces a large variety of fruit salsas, including Fiery Peach Salsa, and Black Bean Salsa, pickles, relishes, chow chows, and apple butter.

What does it mean for a jam or jelly to be made “one batch” at a time? When someone mentions “small batch” manufacturing, that means the products are made the old fashioned way in open stainless steel pots, stirred by hand, and poured into each glass with care. Every batch only comes out to only a small amount of product. For Blue Ridge Jams specifically, each hand crafted batch comes out to about eighteen 10 oz size jars. Compared to a “large batch” manufacturer that might produce up to two thousand jars in one batch, this is very small. Large batch manufacturers typically use machines and a mechanical process that will allow for them to mass produce large quantities of the products at one time. Yes, they can make it cheaper, as witnessed the number of Strawberry Jelly products at your local grocery store.

Small Batch manufacturing allows for a company to place a higher standard on the quality and taste of the individual artisanal products. Measurements are carefully gauged by hand, simmering and stirring each batch until just the right flavor and consistency is reached. Producing in small batches gives products their unique homemade taste. Each batch is carefully crafted to ensure that every jar is the best that it can be. And the flavor combinations are simply astounding. For example, Blue Ridge Jams specialty food product "Smokey Mountain Special” preserves is a delicious triple berry combination of Strawberries, Raspberries, and Cherries that will delight your taste buds. This is not a taste that you can find on your supermarket shelves, but can only be enjoyed through small batch production.

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