New Double-Issue Book Takes You to the Bottom and Top of Innovation

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Bottom-Up Innovation shows employees how to innovate, even when working for a non-innovative Company. Top-Down Innovation gives company executives an innovation roadmap to success.

Many employees working in a non-innovative company want to improve their skills, increase their job satisfaction or set themselves up for that next promotion. Recognizing this need, author Joseph Stein is pleased to release Bottom-Up Innovation, an easy-to-follow book that has all the essential building blocks needed to identify, ideate, and solve a business challenge.

Special sections unearth land mines employees need to watch out for as they unleash their creative and innovative potential and advice on how to steer through areas of the company that they have little or no control over.

“I believe that we all have at least a little bit of Steve Jobs in us,” states author Joseph Stein. “However, this innovative spirit may be deeply buried within us and needs help getting uncovered and turned on.”

On the flip side of the innovation coin, Top-Down Innovation addresses the desire of Company executives to create a lasting innovation environment in their Company. Many company executives recognize this need but don’t have a full picture how to get there.

Top-Down Innovation not only guides these executives down the innovation highway, it is their personal GPS loaded with the latest maps and details. Top-Down Innovation is for those companies who want to use innovation as a platform to maximize their profits and beat the competition.

Joseph Stein commented, “I often get asked why I combined these two books into one volume. There is a big difference between efforts to innovate in order to solve a specific business challenge (Bottom-Up Innovation) and efforts to create a lasting innovation environment in your company (Top-Down Innovation). It made a lot of sense to separate these two different but equally important components of innovation.”

Mr. Stein continued, “At the same time, it’s important to understand both sides of innovation. It’s like any team sport where you have an offense or defense. Even if you only play an offensive position, a great understanding of how defense works will make you a better player.”

Taking advantage of today’s wealth of information, Bottom-Up and Top-Down Innovation includes references to many resources on the internet. E-book readers can enjoy the book in color and click on the many links in this book to get an enjoyable interactive experience.

There are also over a dozen useful templates and spreadsheets available in the Helpful Resources section of the Simply Innovate website. Bottom-Up and Top-Down Innovation also includes Action Summaries for each chapter that lists specific steps you need to take to achieve innovation success.

Available in paperback or in digital format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

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