Chestnut Park Realtor Reports Haliburton Home Energy Savings

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Real estate agent Rob Serediuk, of Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, in the Haliburton Highlands, reports that more clients are looking for energy efficient homes when searching for their dream lakefront retirement home, such as the Haliburton custom home on Mountain Lake he had just listed.

Real estate agent Rob Serediuk (, of Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, in the Haliburton Highlands, reports that more clients are looking for energy efficient homes than in past years when searching for their dream lakefront retirement home. “Our client’s top priorities when shopping for a retirement home on the lake are location and view, but people seem to also understand that energy efficiencies contribute considerably to the overall enjoyment of a property, especially one located in cottage country. “We have just listed a waterfront estate home on Mountain Lake ( that is remarkable in its energy efficiency. When this home was built, the owner took measures to make it as energy efficient as possible. The owner estimates that over nine years he has lived in the home, he has saved over $20,000 in energy costs,” reports Serediuk.

“About nine years ago, the home owner, an Ontario Hydro employee who ran the largest Canadian energy efficiency programs in North America, built his Haliburton Highlands home ( as a model for everything he had learned from implementing the Home Power Savers Program, Commercial Power Savers and Savings by Design audited energy analyses programs, as Superintendent of Audit Operations. At that time, the Home Power Savers Program was a $92 million dollar computerized home energy audit program that interfaced with utility degree day calculations followed by implementation,” states Serediuk.

“Not much has changed since then,” says homeowner and former Hydro employee Mark Coles, who now runs a web marketing firm. “The things that paid back then big time; still pay back today ... and the savings over almost ten years are astounding. Realistically, at the time, water source heat pumps and solar storage applications were not paying back efficiently based on capital cost and failure rates. Things have improved in those technologies, but if you did the standard things like air sealing the house, insulating all hot and cold water pipes in the walls, low E argon gas filled windows, high efficiency condensing furnace, insulating above standard both walls and ceiling, insulating interior walls to reduce air movement and as sound barrier, and implementation of HRV in conjunction with the air sealing, the payoffs were large. Add to that the latest in energy efficient lighting and the use of timers and dimmers and some real serious dollar savings can add up over the years,” says Coles.

“There are more high-tech energy solutions available for homeowners today, but many have no payback without subsidization. As homeowners and energy consumers, most people want to maintain their lifestyle in retirement. They want to save money, but don’t want to scrimp on their everyday needs. The tried and true power saving strategies still work and offer some very attractive paybacks that don’t sacrifice comfort or lifestyle. This is especially important, given where rates have gone and the implementation of time of use with smart meters driving prices even higher. I predict that energy efficiency will be near the top of our clients shopping list in their search for their ideal lakefront home,” adds Serediuk.

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