Abaqus and 1Shop Wireless Team Launch myGeoTracking MRM Service for T-Mobile Business Customers

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myGeoTracking platform from Abaqus provides location & messaging service for mobile workforce management without requiring smartphones or special applications.

myGeoTracking MRM service works with any cell phone

"myGeoTracking is an ideal device-neutral location-based-solution for companies that want to equip their employees with feature phones and smartphones, and want to avoid the deployment and training issues associated with mobile apps-based MRM services.”

Abaqus, Inc., the leading developer of device-neutral, cloud-based location & messaging platform which enables high quality, low cost mobile workforce and asset management solutions and 1Shop Wireless, an exclusive, national Business Partner Sales (BPS) Master Agent for T-Mobile USA; have teamed to provide the cloud-based myGeoTracking mobile workforce management service for T-Mobile customers.

“We’re really excited to work with Abaqus to offer their myGeoTracking MRM service to T-Mobile customers,” said Peter Giansante, Director of Sales for 1Shop Wireless. “It’s an ideal device-neutral location-based-solution for companies that want to equip their employees with feature phones and smartphones, and want to avoid the deployment and training issues associated with mobile apps-based MRM services.”

The Abaq.us myGeoTracking platform provides a unique cloud-hosted solution that combines network-derived and phone-based GPS location information with fine-grained privacy control options, location-enhanced SMS, and a powerful rules engine to let companies quickly and easily manage their field-personnel and assets. It does not require special devices & smartphones, expensive data plans, cumbersome applications, or software.

“Abaqus’myGeoTracking bizTeam service is a great fit for any field-force oriented T-Mobile customer that needs to deploy a mobile management solution,” said Gillian Foley, Vice President of One Shop Wireless. “T-Mobile is constantly seeking innovative ways to meet customer demands. myGeoTracking fits the bill with its cloud-based approach that provides a lot of flexibility and choice to companies seeking a better way to affordably manage their mobile workforce.”

“We’re thrilled to team up with 1Shop Wireless & T-Mobile to provide the myGeoTracking bizTeam service as a light MRM solution for small-to-medium business customers,” said Shailendra Jain, CEO/Founder or Abaqus, Inc. “We look forward to working with 1Shop Wireless and T-Mobile to grow the adoption of cloud-based location & messaging services with strong privacy controls, and help their customers achieve clear ROI and real bottom line benefits from the service.”

Hassle-free Mobile Team Management
Unlike smartphone-based applications that require special phones and client applications, the Location-enhanced, SMS-based myGeoTracking mobile workforce management solution from Abaqus can locate any phone on a cellular network using either Cell ID information, or a precise location using GPS inside the device. The platform provides fine-grained controls to the dispatcher or the employee in the field to pull or push location data using simple SMS commands. The myGeoTracking platform has a rich web API which can be used to integrate with a range of back-office Enterprise systems. The service provides SMS-based messaging for team job status reports, and has a powerful rules engine that can use geo-fencing, time, device identity, workgroup and other terms to integrate into a company’s mobile workflow needs on a day-to-day basis.

  •     The myGeoTracking bizTeam service is an MRM solution which is completely cloud-based and does not require special GPS devices, special phones or any new software.
  •     The myGeoTracking bizTeam MRM service can use any standard feature phone to send location and event information, and complies with USPS location standards.
  •     The myGeoTracking bizTeam MRM service provides fine-grained privacy controls which can be managed by the end-user from their mobile phones or from the web site
  •     Location-enhanced SMS (myGeoText ™) lets your mobile workers actively send you a date, time and location stamped status message from the field and trigger additional dispatch functions.
  •     The myGeoTracking bizTeam MRM service provides Geofencing, Geo-corridors, and a variety of other events-based rules to enable easy integration of real-world alerts into a company’s workflow
  •     The myGeoTracking bizTeam service provides rich reporting tools which can be exported to a company’s backoffice systems
  •     The myGeoTracking MRM bizTeam service provides an Enterprise SMS feature which lets customer’s enhance their dispatch and operations by messaging individuals, groups, or the whole company.
  •     The myGeoTracking Platform Integrates with a range of back-office programs through a rich web API.

Visit http://www.mygeotracking.com for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

About 1Shop Wireless
Based in Tampa, Florida, One Shop Wireless, Inc. has been an Exclusive Business Sales Partner for T-Mobile USA for over eight years. In addition to offering T-Mobile business customers a traditional selection of wireless products and services, One Shop Wireless, Inc., partners with GSM-based mobile solution/application providers to broaden its client’s ability to manage business in a mobile environment. One Shop Wireless’ parent company is One Touch Direct, LLC., a premier direct marketing firm that employs over 2,000 team members in Tampa, Florida and St. Catharine’s, Ontario.

About Abaq.us

Abaq.us, Inc is based in Palo Alto, CA and delivers a cloud-hosted M2M & messaging platform alongwith a suite of mobile applications and services such as bizTeam, bizMessage that make it possible for companies to weave sensor awareness from telematics, mobile phones and other devices into their enterprise solutions to improve their assets’ and resources’ productivity and ROI. Abaq.us also provides custom implementations on a wide array of platforms tailored to match your company’s needs. Visit http://www.abaq.us for more information.

Abaqus Contact
John Cunningham
jcunningham (at) abaqus (dot) net

One Shop Wireless, Inc. Contact
Gillian Foley
Gillian.foley (at) onetouchdirect (dot) com

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