Parking Fine Issued Every 4.8 Seconds In 2011 -

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- 6.6 million parking tickets handed out by local councils across the UK in 2011, up on 6.3 million in 2010 - This despite a 14 per cent cut in active local council traffic wardens between 2010 and 2011 - One in eight parking tickets disputed, with a 28 per cent success rate - Lack of free parking forcing shoppers off local high-streets

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"Although it might be an easy option to park on a double yellow for a short time, it’s potentially dangerous as well as being illegal, and can result in a fine."

Despite the number of local council Civil Enforcement Officers or CEOs (traffic wardens) falling from 4,190 in 2010 to 3,599 in 2011, the total number of parking fines issued in the UK increased by 244,114 to 6.6 million in 2011 – equivalent to one every 4.8 seconds - according to official Freedom of Information act (FOI) figures obtained by car insurer

The 127,583 fines handed out every week in 2011 generated approximately £227 million* for local councils, potentially as much as £19 million** each month.

Outside of London, Liverpool City Council (146,503) saw the largest amount of parking fines handed out in 2011***, ahead of Manchester City Council (138,558) and Birmingham City Council (132,684). On average, 51,695 fines were handed out by each local council last year, compared to 50,220 in 2010. The busiest – or most efficient – CEOs were found in Liverpool, handing out an average of 2,616 parking fines each in 2011, followed by those in Coventry (2,220) and Worcester (2,125), which compared to just 296 fines per CEO in 2011 in Sunderland.

As a result of the higher numbers of fines, there was also an increase in disputes by motorists. In 2010, 845,701 parking ticket disputes were lodged with local councils while in 2011, the figure rose to 875,769 – or 72,980 each month. However, the success rate of these challenges has fallen from 31 per cent (261,311 tickets overturned) in 2010 to 28 per cent (246,589 tickets overturned) in 2011.

Success rates in disputed cases vary dramatically by local council, from as little as 11 per cent in the City of Bradford, to 72 per cent in Chichester. A third (36 per cent) of Manchester motorists who had disputed a ticket were successful, while 41 per cent of appeals were upheld in Birmingham.

Further research by revealed that for 66 per cent of motorists parking in their nearest town or city centre has become more difficult in the past few years. Because of this, local councils and paid for car parks are forcing half (51 per cent) of shoppers to turn their backs on their local high-street. Furthermore, a staggering 61 per cent of 17 to 24 year olds do not now shop in their local town, potentially opting for alternative shopping centres catering for the motorist.

Robin Reames, Chief Claims Officer at insurer, said: “Shortage of parking has become a huge issue in towns and cities across the UK in the past five to ten years, however, this doesn’t excuse illegal parking. Although it might be an easy option to park on a double yellow for a short time, it’s potentially dangerous as well as being illegal, and can result in a fine. Furthermore, if your illegally parked car is a hazard and a moving vehicle crashed in to it, an insurer could in theory request up to a third of the bill from the at fault motorist.”

Although it is extremely rare, an insurer is entitled to request for up to a third of the cost of an accident if the policyholder is proven to have parked illegally and in a hazardous way.

Further data from individual Freedom of Information act requests is available on request.

  •     All Freedom of Information act (FOI) data was obtained in March 2011 on asking 95 city and town councils across England, Wales and Scotland for information. 24 did not provide information therefore averages were used from the figures generated by the 71 that did.
  •     2012 figures for numbers of CEOs employed in London unavailable at time of writing
  •     *Assumption made that each fine was for the minimum amount (£25 outside of London and £40 in London) which requires that it was paid within 14 days or receipt and therefore eligible for discount. Not taking disputes or court hearings in to account.
  •     ** Assumption made that each fine issued was NOT paid within 14 days and therefore ineligible for any discount, but not taking further disputes or court hearings in to account. Fine costing £50 outside of London, £80 in.
  •     *** Please note, Liverpool City Council includes Bus Lane PCNs in its figures for parking offences – although thought to make up a small portion of the figures.

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