LBA Technology’s portable lightning masts bring storm security to outdoor facilities

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PLP-30 mast systems reduce lightning strike dangers in open areas.

LBA Technology has engineered a new lightning mast system to deflect dangerous strikes from facilities and field units in unprotected areas. PLP-30 lightning masts will protect against horrific and random cloud-to-ground lightning that streaks the sky thousands of times a day worldwide. Virtually no place on earth is safe from the destructive and lethal strokes, which in the U.S. annually kill more people than either hurricanes or tornadoes.

LBA developed the PLP-30 lightning protect masts primarily for portability and easy erection in open areas that need a cone of protection. They are suitable for such locations as satellite dish installations, portable building clusters, public utility installations, and command posts. The masts are especially useful in tropical areas where emergency relief supplies and installations need protection. An early adopter of the PLP-30 system was Northrup-Grumman Corp., which utilizes it to shield mobile satellite dishes.

The masts divert and ground lightning streamers seeking an elevated contact point. The UL-listed streamer-retarding air terminal at the top of the mast has been demonstrated to discourage strikes or to ground them if they occur. One PLP-30 lightning protection mast can, for example, shield structures eight feet high within a 40-foot radius cone of protection. Multiple masts can be situated to protect larger areas: Five PLP-30 masts erected in a designated pattern can protect assets in an area of 25,000 square feet.

Fully NFPA and UL compliant, the PLP-30 mast is ruggedly fabricated of aluminum alloy and engineered to resist 100 mph winds without guy wires. The mast is designed for multiple takedown and reuse, or for permanent installation. It is furnished in four screw-together sections for easy assembly and rapid deployment—and can be conveniently overnighted via UPS or FedEx.

LBA offers a complete PLK-30PK flyaway kit, which includes mast components, portable base, hold down stakes, and ground system parts, all of which fit in a heavy-duty carry bag. Two people can easily erect or collapse a PLP-30 system in less than one hour. Fixed base options feature permanent attachment of the masts to concrete or steel structures.

LBA is a specialist in applying streamer-retarding air terminals and dissipater arrays for the protection of antennas, towers, and vertical structures, as well as application of copper grounding products. Details of the PLP-30 and other lightning protection products are at

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