Progressive Health Services Now Provides FemCap Cervical Cap in San Diego

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Progressive Health Services now offers the FemCap cervical cap, a safe, convenient, highly effective birth control option in San Diego

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The modern cervical cap is a wonderful, safe, nontoxic, highly effective and convenient birth control option that has been used by many, many women for over 170 years.

Progressive Health Services now offers the FemCap cervical cap as a safe, highly effective and convenient birth control option in San Diego. Progressive Health Services had been providing the older Prentif cervical cap for over 25 years when they learned last year that the British manufacturer, Lamberts, was no longer making the Prentif cervical cap.

“We were devastated that Lambers stopped making the Prentif cervical cap, and so were our clients!” says Suzann Gage, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, and clinical director of Progressive Health Services.

“The modern cervical cap is a wonderful, safe, nontoxic, highly effective and convenient birth control option that has been used by many, many women for over 170 years,” says Gage who was a coordinator of the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers national cervical cap study from 1987 to 1988. The Federation study, which looked at 1,587 cervical cap users, found that the cervical cap was not only comparable in effectiveness to the birth control pill but much healthier and safer for the body as well.

“The FemCap has the same very high effectiveness rate, convenience and safety record as the Prentif cervical cap,” says Gage. “We were very sad that the Prentif cervical cap was no longer available, however, we are extremely happy to be able to continue to provide the cervical cap in the form of the FemCap.”

Like the Prentif cervical cap, the FemCap is inserted by the woman herself over the cervix, the donut shaped neck or entrance to the uterus in the back of the vagina, and can be left in place for up to two days. FemCap users place a small amount spermicide inside of the FemCap dome and on the outer rim to help kill sperm. The Femcap has a small handle for easier removal by the woman, six hours after the last intercourse.

Gage continues, “At Progressive Health Services we help women learn how to use the cervical cap by showing them how to do vaginal self-examination with a plastic speculum. This enables women to look at their own cervix to see what the cervical cap covers. We give women the speculum to keep and take home. We also fit diaphragms, including the wide seal diaphragm that can be fit smaller than a standard diaphragm, which helps prevent bladder infections, and teach natural fertility detection and fertility awareness for birth control as well. The speculum is an invaluable tool to use with these and other birth control methods."

Progressive Health Services has been a leader in providing comprehensive Well Woman Health Services and natural non-toxic birth control methods, including the cervical cap, since 1985.

Progressive Health Services provides a wide range of integrative medical services in San Diego including mainstream and alternative health care. Services include general physical examinations, lab testing, gynecology, urology, San Diego STD Testing, Rapid HIV Testing, family planning, fertility awareness, donor insemination, LGBT care, endocrinology, bio identical hormones, thyroid care, nutrition, acupuncture, herbs, Qigong and meditation. Progressive Health Services is a nonprofit tax exempt organization located at 2141 El Cajon Blvd, in San Diego’s North Park, 92104. For more information and appointments please call 619-260-0810.

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