Dieters Must Do Three Important Things To Make Their Diets Work, Claims Edmund Woo, Chef Owner Of Saskatoon Restaurant

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Summer is here again and with it, a new legion of dieters looking to get in swimsuit shape. But, despite their well meaning hopes and desires, these dieters and would be buffed swim suit models will certainly fail if they do not learn what to eat, how much to eat as well as when to eat, says Edmund Woo, Chef Owner of Saskatoon Restaurant which prepares Paleo Low Carb Diet Meals.

Saskatoon Prepared Paleo Low Carb Diet Meals Solves the 3 Challenges of Losing Weight Fast!

Summer always brings another wave of people going on diets to get into "swim suit" shape. As a result, at the begininning of every summer, Amazon as well as other bookstores sell a ton of books on diet and exercise. Along with the increase in sales of diet and exercise books, are advertisements for diets, diet food and diet supplements on television and radio.

But, even with all of these well intentions on the behalf of the dieters and the diets, diet food, and diet supplements that they use, many if not most of them will not achieve their diet goals! So, the bulk of them will resort to the old standbys of wearing tshirts over their bathing suits or towels around their waists when they hit the beaches and the swimming pools. Where did they go wrong? Does the problem lie with the dieter? With the diet plans or the diet food?

Edmund Woo, a diet and exercise enthusiast, and the Chef Owner of Saskatoon Restaurant, says, "For diets to work, the dieter must do three important things. He/she must learn what to eat, how much of it to eat and when to eat. If he fails at any one or more of these, it will be very difficult to lose weight!"

First, a dieter must learn what foods to eat. Every diet has different theories and opinions on what are the best foods to eat to lose weight. And, frankly most of these diets do work, at least for a while, if one learns what to eat within that diet's framework.

Second, a dieter must learn how much of which foods to eat. Edmund says that one of the surprises of his clients who lose weight from eating his Saskatoon Chef Prepared Paleo Low Carb Meals is the correct size of portions to lose weight fast as well as to maintain their newly in shape bodies. "People today are used to huge portions, they are addicted to supersizing everything that they eat! To lose weight and keep it off, they must eat the correct amounts that are determined by each individual lean muscle, mass exercise demands and weight loss goals."

Finally, dieters must space out their meals throughout the day. Starting with a good breakfast, snack at mid morning, lunch, snack at mid afternoon and finally, dinner keeps blood sugars and energy levels constant and the fat burning furnace stoked.

To help dieters do these three essential tasks and achieve their weight loss goals, Edmund Woo has come up with a successful diet plan through his restaurant, Saskatoon, where he offers Chef prepared, precooked delicious meals based on the Paleo Low Carb diet. The meal plan offers vacuum sealed nutritionally balanced meals that can be reheated in just minutes. Every Monday evening, clients who have and are successfully losing weight through the program, pick up their food for the entire week.

Edmund says, "We provide all of the meals for you. You don't have to figure out which foods to eat or how much of it to eat. And we tell you when to eat the meals based on your schedule. I guarantee if you eat all of your meals and snacks and don't cheat by eating anything else, you will definitely lose weight and feel and look better!

The Chef and Owner of Saskatoon: Steaks Fish and Wild Game, Edmund Woo gives out free diet and exercise tips through emails that people can sign up for at:

The free emils detail Edmund Woo's researched and refined Paleo Low Carb Diet plan proven to lose weight fast. Edmund Woo's emails are becoming a weekly diet to help people wanting to lose fat, gain muscle and get into the best shape of their lives.

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