Fleck Financial Education Offers New Risk Management Service for Investment Portfolios

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Fleck Financial Education offers a solution to help the 49 million Americans that have a 401k plan become better decision makers regarding their fund choices. The service includes a seven year proven track record with a database of approximately 23,000 mutual funds that enables subscribers to determine within seconds if they are invested in the best funds in their plan. A market signal newsletter is available to help its subscribers protect and grow their accounts rather than use the buy and hold strategy currently used by most investors. This newsletter is sent to users via email or text message to inform them of any changes.

Fleck Financial Education (FFE) announces a new financial education subscription service that provides a risk management strategy for investment portfolios. The majority of the 49 million Americans with 401K’s do not know if they are in the best or worst performing mutual funds available in their employer provided plan. In addition, they do not have a plan to limit their losses when the next financial crisis occurs. The FFE subscription service allows users to easily find the best or worst performing funds in their 401K, IRA, or college savings accounts. The tool provided to subscribers contains more than 20,000 companies’ 401K plans and has over 23,000 mutual funds in its database that can easily be sorted by profit and loss in a matter of seconds.

Since 2008 Americans have suffered through jobs losses, a stock market crash, a busted mortgage bubble and a real estate disaster. This has created a recession that many did not expect or see since the 1930s'. Now, with the crisis facing our Social Security benefits and pensions almost a thing of the past, many Boomers are facing the ugly reality that they will outlive their retirement savings.

A 2011 Gallup Poll confirms that the top concern for two-thirds of Americans is that they will not have enough money for retirement, which is up 13% from 10 years ago. Gallup says that 74% of non-retiree investors plan to rely on a 401K, IRA or other retirement savings in the absence of Social Security.

Another survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group found that investors find retirement planning overwhelming and confusing, 89% want help finding the right formula to manage this process but do not know where to turn or how to best manage their investments.

Most Americans are focused on family, jobs and other personal activities and they do not want to take the time to become experts in retirement planning. Even though 401Ks typically represent the second largest investment they will make in their lifetime next to buying a home, many confess that because of a lack of knowledge, they fall into the buy, hold and pray trap.

“The old philosophy of buy and hold isn’t really working anymore and investors are looking for an alternative. With consumer confidence decreasing and market volatility increasing, I firmly believe this service will enable subscribers to minimize their losses during the downturn swings in the market while capturing the majority of the upside. ” – Steven R Fleck, President of Fleck Financial Education

The FFE subscription service consist of three components; the Mutual Fund Analyzer: a tool that analyzes the performance of over 23,000 mutual funds through the use of a proprietary SPX signal created from the S&P 500 Index. The analysis tool allows users to not only sort by profit and loss on buy and hold but also by their performance had they followed the SPX Bull/Bear Market Newsletter. The SPX Bull/Bear Market Newsletter includes looking at how fundamental, technical, statistical and seasonal investors look at the market. This knowledge is used to formulate a bullish stance on the market with a risk management bear signal in place. The third component is email and text message alerts that will notify subscribers of a change in the newsletters stance on the market, allowing users to not have to log on every day to find out when things change.
To learn more about the FFE subscription service, visit http://fleckfinancialed.com

About Fleck Financial Education
Fleck Financial Education’s President, Steven R Fleck is Financial Advisor located in Akron, OH. The unique subscription service that FFE has recently made available to the public helps investors become better decision makers regarding their own mutual funds and fund choices. It enables subscribers to use today's technology to help with one of their largest assets, their retirement plan. Whether you are already working with a financial advisor or are a do-it-yourselfer, this educational service will help you create a quality investment strategy to protect and grow your accounts.

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