The Coming Robot Invasion: Google’s Self-Driving Cars Will Destroy Car Insurance Companies

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Self-driving robotic cars are becoming more and more of a reality. shows how robotic cars will have severe effects on insurance companies and also on determining whose fault an accident is. Among these negative effects, self-driving cars have the potential to make a significant positive impact on safety while driving.

New Study Naming Google's Self-Driving Cars on a Collision Course with Car Insurance Companies

The future for car insurance companies is uncertain as the release of Google’s self-driving cars come closer. According to a study by, with the introduction of self-driving cars into society, the likely reduction of car insurance claims due to accidents and human error will drastically reduce revenue, thus affecting stock prices.

One major reason for decreasing profits stems from the advanced safety features that driver-less cars will include, detecting such scenarios as collisions with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Car insurance companies will be expected to adapt to the changes.

As stated by Brad Templeton, expert on robotic car technology, “Car insurance companies are not such ghouls as to want people to keep dying to keep premiums up. They want to be players in the new world, even if it’s smaller.”

Per the study, the technologies incorporated into these robotic cars will allow vehicles to have near human intelligence. As mentioned in the study, “they may even go as far as actively controlling the car so as to avoid an accident...This would indicate that a human-built device will nearly have the intelligence of a human, without the ability to be distracted by outside items.”

One controversial topic included in the study centers around Google’s dominance of the current self-driving car market, in addition to the other industries Google has a hand in. The study also alludes to a portion of the future car insurance market being occupied by Google.

Other notable statements from the study include:

“The major question at hand is whose fault it will be if and when a robotic self-driving car is in an accident. One may think that if the robot is “driving” the car, the robot would be at fault. Alas, things are not what they seem. Currently, if an accident were to occur, the person sitting in the driver’s seat will be responsible.”

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“Drivers who don’t actually have to drive will enjoy the extra time usually spent on their daily commute catching up on the endless list of to-dos.”

“In all seriousness, with the announcements from Google that these self-driving cars may be available as early as three years from now, the future is closer than we think.”

“[It is easy] to see why robotic driverless cars should be causing car insurance company CEO’s to break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of trying to sell insurance on cars that never get into accidents.”

The complete study can be found at

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