Is Your Home Protected? AMP Security Now Offers Complete Home Security Protection and Automation to Residents Throughout the US

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AMP Security has soared in growth and customer satisfaction through its unique marketing strategy and high standard of excellence.

Many trends come and go in the marketplace. Who would have thought, for example, 15 years ago that cell phones would become a way of life? Who would have thought that iPhones, droids and other smart phones would take over the market share the past couple of years? And no one knows what capabilities smart phones will have in the next few years.

In much the same way, home security systems have become a way of life for many homeowners in the US. More and more homeowners are subscribing to a home security system service to protect their homes. Approximately 26.95 million Americans have a monitored home security system, paying anywhere from $25-$100 per month for this service. The industry collectively generated $33.25 billion in gross revenues in 2011. ( ).

When so-called smash-and-grab thieves do strike a home with an alarm system, they are more likely to leave quickly. On its website, the Electronic Security Association says that the average loss on a home with a system is $3,266, compared to $5,343 for a home without one. Nearly $2,100 is nothing to sniff at — unless your years of monthly monitoring fees exceed that.

“The point of a security system is to reduce loss,” said Mike Miller, President of the Security Association. “It may be that instead of losing your TV, you could have lost a lot more.” Mr. Miller said that most thieves wander neighborhoods looking for an easy entry point, like an open window. Your security system would have told you to close that window when you tried to turn it on.

The increase in homeowners arming their homes with a monitored security system has been a significant factor in the US’s decrease in violent crimes and burglaries. From 2009 to 2010, violent crimes decreased 5.3% and burglaries by 1.3%. ( ).

Another huge benefit to having an alarm system is the homeowner’s insurance savings that they can receive by keeping their home protected. The Insurance Information Institute says the average discount is 15 to 20 percent. On an average homeowner’s policy, the discount savings amounted to $221.93 a year. A study released last year by the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University found that the real value of security systems was that they protected entire neighborhoods. The study, which focused on Newark from 2001 to 2005, found that residential break-ins decreased as the density of alarms in an area increased. (

In other words, the more people paying that monthly monitoring fee on the street, the more likely a burglar is not going to take a chance that a police officer is right around the corner.

These trends in the US have led one Utah-based company, AMP Security, founded in 2007, to quickly emerge as an industry leader. In just 4 years AMP has grown into one of the top-25 yearly account producing security companies (out of an estimated 15,000 nationwide). AMP has been recognized by Utah Business Magazine as the 5th fastest growing company in the state and one of the Emerging 8 companies in Utah as featured in the “Fast 50” in its Sept. 2010 issue. Additionally, in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition, president and founder Ryan Lee was named a finalist in his first nomination for the award. AMP has consistently led the industry in sales rep and office production averages. (

So what has been the secret to AMP’s extraordinary success?

In evaluating AMP’s program, several things stand out. First, AMP has partnered with several of the largest and highest quality monitoring companies in the US, including their primary partner, Vector Security. Vector Security is owned by The Philadelphia Contributionship, a private insurance company founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1752. Three of their founding directors – Benjamin Franklin, John Morton and Robert Morris – were also signers of the Declaration of Independence. Vector Security has received numerous awards, including the 2009 Association of Police Communications Officials’ (APCO) President’s Award, Frost & Sullivan’s 2008 North American Commercial Alarm Monitoring Company of the Year, SDM Magazine/Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) Central Station Manager of the Year in 2008, captured the first Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award in 2006, and was honored as SDM Magazine’s 2003 Dealer of the Year. Vector also ranks as the 6th largest security company in the nation according to the SDM List which ranks home security companies based on annual revenues and customer bases. This, in addition to a solid A+ on the Better Business Bureau, makes homeowners confident in the protection that they are receiving. (

Additionally, AMP utilizes Honeywell Security, a Fortune 100 company, as its exclusive manufacturer of its security equipment. Honeywell provides the most innovative and highest quality protection ranging from a wide variety of equipment including cameras, automation equipment, sensors, motion detectors, and its new Lynx 5100 touch screen panel that allows customers to effortless sync their smart phone devices with their security system to control while on the go and monitor their systems around the clock. Honeywell also provides cellular technology so that security systems are connected to cell phone towers that are impossible to disconnect, compared to older technology that ran through phone lines. ( Together Honeywell and Vector provide AMP with the best monitoring services and security equipment available.    

AMP utilizes a unique marketing strategy, through hiring college interns and summer employees to take its services directly to consumers. Whereas most companies rely on traditional marketing strategies such as commercials, fliers, mailers, magazine advertisements, etc., AMP utilizes its resources in training college students to market AMP’s security systems directly to homeowners during the summer months between college semesters.

“College interns are able to make a lot of money during their summer break to fund their education while learning valuable skills in sales and marketing that will benefit them in their future careers,” says Johnny Hebda, Vice President of Sales at AMP Security. “There is no better experience a college student can have in building his resume and funding his education,” says Hebda. Hebda also began his career as a college intern at Brigham Young University. The money he earned during his summer breaks, while pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree, led him to graduate debt free and ultimately led to a full time corporate position with AMP upon his graduation. (

In the summer of 2011, AMP generated more than 17,000 new customers, generating more than $50 million in new residential contracts. Additionally, AMP paid out more than $7.8 million dollars in commissions to its 150 sales interns. (Visit for more information about AMP’s internship program).            

AMP is constantly improving and sets high standards for all aspects of its business. By accepting service through AMP Security, homeowners can receive a free Honeywell security system. AMP has been innovative in keeping up with advancements in technology by offering the most up-to-date services and equipment available.

In 2011, AMP was pleased to announce that in addition to a state of the art security system, it would also begin to offer cameras, home automation, which includes interactive services that allow homeowners to arm and disarm their system remotely from a computer or smartphone, get real-time alerts via email and text message about alarm and non-alarm activities, view live and recorded video right from their cell phone, receive alerts via email/text with video attachments, control thermostats, lights, locks and appliances from afar, create light schedules to deter intruders, and set up unique lock access codes for scheduled visitors. AMP also continues to make improvements to its backend operations with improvements in customer service, call centers, and IT tracking services. AMP is pleased to announce that its average hold time is now 6 seconds when a sales intern or customer calls in. This is on par with 911 emergency hold times nationally. (

AMP continues to live up to its mission: to be the leading customer-focused security company driven by their world-class service, sales representatives, technicians, and employees. AMP is dedicated to protecting homeowners and is constantly pushing to the next level of dedication while developing the best products and services available.

So is your home protected? To learn more about an AMP security system or job opportunity with AMP, visit or

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