Infocast Debuts Biomass Trade & Transport Summit

Network with Stakeholders and Strategists of the Growing Demand for Biomass to Establish Valuable Supply Chain Partners

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Information Forecast

Information Forecast

European demand for wood pellets alone is projected to increase from nearly 10 million metric tons in 2009 to more than 50 million by 2020.

Woodland Hills, California (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Infocast is scheduled to present its first Biomass Trade & Transport Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 16-18, 2012, providing an unprecedented opportunity for companies to meet and network with important industry professionals who will play major roles in creating the international biomass trade and transport infrastructures of the future.

Due to foreign initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, the demand for US export of biomass to Europe and Asia has continued to rise exponentially. Wood Resources International, a leading forest industry consulting firm, reported that more than 2 million tons of wood pellets were shipped in 2011, an extraordinary 300% increase from 2008. European demand for wood pellets alone is projected to increase from nearly 10 million metric tons in 2009 to more than 50 million by 2020. Despite the lucrative opportunities in the biomass industry, there are challenges and obstacles to overcome, such as maintaining wood supply availability, port infrastructure improvements and maximizing logistical efficiency.

Summit Chairman Dr. William Strauss, President of FutureMetrics, and Joseph J. James, latest appointee to the Federal Biomass Advisory Committee and President of Agri-Tech Producers, LLC., are among the superb cast of speakers set to share industry insights, valuable strategies, latest trends and more in the main event. Other notable speakers include European utilities, US pellet and biomass producers, port and stevedoring representatives, shippers, rail, barge and trucking companies, supply chain players and various other key stakeholders.

In the pre-Summit workshop, Jonathan Rager, Principal at Pöyry Management Consulting Inc., will discuss topics such as the viability of North America to supply a reliable, long-term flow of biomass, and what infrastructures are required for efficient biomass logistics in a supply chain. The workshop will incorporate detailed analyses of wood fiber supply and prices, profiles of suppliers, competition from alternative uses and transport restraints.

For more information, to become a sponsor or to register for the Biomass Trade & Transport Summit, please visit or call Alice Barsoomian at 818-888-4445 x19.


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Infocast Biomass Trade & Transport Summit Brochure Infocast Biomass Trade & Transport Summit Brochure

Infocast's Biomass Trade & Transport Summit is an unprecedented opportunity to network with key industry players.