Author Laura Dennis Commemorates the Anniversary of 9/11 in New Memoir, Revealing that Traumatic Events Can Trigger a Bipolar Episode

Memoir Writer Laura Dennis had a Bipolar Breakdown Following the Attacks on September 11. Her New Book, Adopted Reality, Published by Entourage Publishing, is a Harrowing Adventure of Madness and Recovery, a Real-life Episode of Showtime's Homeland.

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

The psychological trauma of the attacks on 9/11 contributed to memoir writer Laura Dennis's bipolar tendencies, causing her psychotic break. She writes about it Adopted Reality, available at and on

Dennis's underlying bipolar tendencies surfaced following the attacks on September 11, and like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTDS), her psychosis was based in anxiety and grief following the national tragedy. After hospitalization, medication, and therapy, Dennis was able to return to sanity. Today, she even finds positive aspects of her bipolar disorder.

PTSD helps explain the psychological effects of traumatic events such as natural disasters, violent attacks, and veteran experiences during war, according to psychologist Leonard Holmes.

“In those early days after 9/11, no one had heard of al Qaeda,” says Dennis. “Conspiracy theories were running wild. My deteriorating mind happened to connect the Illuminati to the coordinated terror attacks. I felt I had flown the plane into the Towers.”

According to new research by Lancaster University, some people living with bipolar say they experience positive experiences from living with the condition, including increased creativity, focus, and clarity of thought.

"For a long time, I didn’t tell anyone about my breakdown, I didn’t want people to think I was incapable of holding responsibility," says Dennis. "But I’ve learned how to manage my ups and downs and channel my bipolar tendencies into positive, creative outlets.”

The positive and negative aspects of bipolar disorder are revealed on Showtime's new hit show, Homeland, which follows Claire Danes' character as she uncovers a terrorist plot, while trying to manage her bipolar disorder.

"I thought there were a lot of similarities," says Dennis. "Like Danes's character, I also felt deeply guilty, responsible for the terrorist attacks. Through a lot of therapy, along with support from my family and friends, I was able to recover my sanity and live a normal life."

Adopted Reality, A Memoir ($5.99, Entourage Publishing) is now available at and For a limited time, get a copy for only $1.50 at, search Adopted Reality and enter coupon code GV28T.

Entourage Publishing is a small, independent publishing house dedicated to bringing exciting fiction and creative non-fiction authors to print - both paper and electronic. Based in Los Angeles.


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Attachments Adopted Reality, A Memoir of a bipolar girl.

Ebook ($5.99) now available on Amazon and Smashwords. Get it now for $1.50 at coupon code GV28T Writer Laura Dennis

She was born in New Jersey and raised in Maryland, but learned how to be a (sane) person in California, where she lost her mind and found it again in 2001. A professionally trained dancer, Laura gave up aches and pains and bloody feet in 2004 to become a stylish sales director for a biotech startup for more than five years. Then with two children under the age of three, she and her husband sought to simplify their lifestyle and in 2010 they escaped to his hometown, Belgrade. While the children learned Serbian in their cozy preschool, Laura recovered from sleep-deprivation and wrote Adopted Reality.