Horton Group Provides Best Practices for Marketing Products on Facebook

Facebook as we know it today has grown into more than just a network to connect with friends and family. Social media marketers, Horton Group, offer up advice to companies seeking better ways to integrate Facebook into their marketing strategy.

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A lot of businesses are using Facebook to market their products and engage with customers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing it right.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

Any business who wants to achieve success in the realm of online marketing has to accept that there is quantifiable value attached to using Facebook. Horton Group has provided some suggestions for those companies seeking best practices for marketing their products on the social networking website. As the floodgates of social media marketing have been long open, the ability to correctly implement the world's most widely visited social media site into your business could make the difference between whether your company will sink or swim.

Thanks to the Ben Mezrich book and its Hollywood adaptation, most Facebook users are familiar with the online communities humblest of beginnings and subsequent transformation into a social networking sensation. Though, as any social media savvy consumer will tell you, Facebook has become much more than just a online location to share your life with friends and family. In a digital marketing landscape highly powered by the ability to connect with customers from all angles, Facebook has become a facet of some of the most successful business’ branding strategies.

Horton Group suggests that companies base their Facebook presence on three core practices: Education, Entertainment and Empowerment. All content and posts should revolve around fulfilling one or both of these elements. To learn more about using Facebook to enhance your product marketing read the full article at the Horton Group blog.

“Facebook is one of the best ways to build community and extend your market reach,” states Horton Group Director of Advertising Cole Evans. “A lot of businesses are using Facebook to market their products and engage with customers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing it right. A poorly executed Facebook page can have the reverse effect on your branding.”

For more than 16 years Horton Group has been working with companies and organizations to cultivate powerful social media communities. Horton Group offers social media consultation services, management and custom built social networking websites. The full service advertising agency also offers website development and design, print design, media buying and more.

For additional information on Horton Group’s social media and advertising services contact them at, 615-292-8642.