New Medical Studies At Washington University School of Medicine Suggest Caloric Restriction Helps Preserve Heart Function

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KC Craichy, Author of The Super Health Diet and Founder & CEO of Living Fuel, Applauds The Work of Dr. Luigi Fontana and His Research Team

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There have been thousands of research studies on every kind of organism you can think of and virtually all of them conclude that calorie restriction extends life, delays disease, enhances performance, and optimizes weight,” Craichy said.

Luigi Fontana, MD, PhD and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have been studying the effects of caloric restriction on aging and longevity for many years. In an article published recently in the journal Aging Cell, Dr. Fontana reported that the team’s study evaluated heart rate variability of one group of people with calorie intake about 30 percent lower than normal, and another group of men and women of the same age [ages 35 - 82] who ate a standard Western diet. The findings showed that the calorie restricted group had heart markers comparable with normal values for healthy people 20 years younger.

“This is really striking because in studying changes in heart rate variability, we are looking at a measurement that tells us a lot about the way the autonomic nervous system affects the heart,” Dr. Fontana said. “That system is involved not only in heart function, but in digestion, breathing rate and many other involuntary actions. We would hypothesize that better heart rate variability may be a sign that all these other functions are working better, too.”

Living Fuel Founder & CEO KC Craichy agrees with the findings of Dr. Fontana and his team. Craichy, well-known health researcher and author of the best-selling book “Super Health: 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality,” and his most recent book “The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need,” first wrote about the benefits of caloric restriction 10 years ago.

“There have been thousands of research studies on every kind of organism you can think of and virtually all of them conclude that calorie restriction extends life, delays disease, enhances performance, and optimizes weight,” Craichy said. “The key is devising a method for people to accomplish these results without losing muscle and without being hungry.” KC Craichy believes he has accomplished just that with The Super Health Diet - The Last Diet You Will Ever Need.

Dr. Fontana and his team found that a number of metabolic and physiologic changes that occur in calorie-restricted animals also occur in people who practice calorie restriction. “The idea was to learn, first of all, whether humans on calorie restriction, like the calorie-restricted animals that have been studied, have a similar adaptation in heart rate variability. The answer is yes,” Dr. Fontana reported. “We looked at normal levels of heart rate variability among people of different ages, and we found that those who practice calorie restriction have hearts that look and function like they are years younger.”

KC Craichy developed a nutritional approach to super health he calls the Four Corners. “The Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition is an integrated approach that combines four of the most clinically validated areas of nutrition science,” Craichy said. “They include eating fewer calories while increasing nutritent density, minimizing sugar intake and high glycemic response foods, increasing antioxidants, and getting the right fats.”

Craichy used these “four corners” to help his wife Monica overcome serious health issues and in the process launched Living Fuel, The Leader in Superfood Nutrition.

“I applaud the work of Dr. Fontana and his team,” Craichy said. “Their research findings support the Super Health lifestyle.”

KC Craichy is the bestselling author of Super Health: 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality and The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need! KC Is also the Founder and CEO of Living Fuel, Inc.—The Leader in Superfood Nutrition. He is a health advocate, researcher, and recognized expert on natural health and performance nutrition. His extensive study of leading-edge health research and collaborative work with top medical and nutritional practitioners and researchers to solve his wife Monica’s health problems—anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts—along with the grace of God, led him to the answers for Monica’s healing and to the founding of Living Fuel, Inc. As a result of overcoming this health crisis, KC and Monica have helped numerous people become overcomers in their own health situations. Together they are now cohosts of the popular Internet TV program called Living Fuel TV.

KC is committed to changing lives through multimedia, super health lifestyle education combined with super healthy, high impact superfoods. He also serves on the Nutrition Advisory Board for Titleist Performance Institute as well as on the Clinical Nutrition Review Board (the certifying body of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutrition). A frequent natural health and performance nutrition guest on various TV and radio programs as well as a frequent contributor to national magazines and blogs, KC lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, Monica, and their five children.

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