Extreme Fun Under the Sun: As the Popularity of Extreme Sports Surge, Petco and Extraordinary Pets are Inspiring Everyone to Get Involved

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As the Popularity of Extreme Sports Surge, Extraordinary Pets are Inspiring Everyone to Get Involved

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The surge in popularity of “extreme sports” over the past decade is unprecedented and it’s no surprise that there are so many four-legged friends getting in on the action. Whether it’s skateboarding or surfing, it seems that one exceptional pooch after another is making headlines with their incredible ability. For those inspired by these daredevil dogs, Petco™ offers suggestions on how to have fun in the sun while keeping it safe.

Skateboarding: With over 15 million participants ranging from novice to professional, skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.! Tillman, the world’s fastest skateboarding dog, is even giving Tony Hawk a run for his money. However, not every dog has the gift of being able to balance on four wheels. Have your pooch hit the streets in true skater style with Petco’s stylish Mesh Booties. He/she may not be able to “ollie”, but the fashionable design ensures dogs look radical while also keeping paws safe. Caution: don’t let dogs linger on hot asphalt because being so close to the ground, a dog’s body can heat up quickly and sensitive paw pads can burn.

Wakeboarding: Over four million Americans wakeboarded in 2010 and believe it or not, Duma the wonder dog makes hopping from wake to wake look like a piece of cake. Not all pets are comfortable with being onboard or near a boat though. The unstable surfaces and sound of the engine may be unsettling. Allow pets to get acquainted with the boat while it’s still at the dock and make the first water outing short so pets can acclimate to the movement. If pets are still not comfortable on the boat, do not force them to take a second outing. Don’t leave pets unsupervised or without a life vest - not all dogs are good swimmers. For pets who’d prefer to stay on dry land, try Hydro Collection Toys to keep them hydrated and entertained. It’s also a good idea to bathe pets after they spend the day in the water. Dirt, chemicals and other pollutants can make a dog sick, especially if they lick their paws or skin.

Surfing: With all of the surfdog competitions popping up on the west and east coasts, dogs everywhere are hanging ten - cowabunga! Dog-friendly beaches are plentiful and many dogs enjoy the freedom of simply running in and out of the surf or playing frisbee with their pet parent. If pets are accompanying the family on a surf and sand trip, make sure to familiarize dogs with the ocean in shallow water first. Keep dogs safe by making sure they are wearing a life vest made for pets. Paws Aboard offers doggy life jackets in fun colors and patterns to provide both fashion and function for any dog who’s ready to get barreled this summer. It’s always important that pet parents keep a close eye on pets in the ocean. The strong currents and waves can be dangerous for pets. Lastly, don’t forget sun protection for those long days in the surf. PlayaPup makes a super stylish line of rash guards for dogs that not only look totally tubular, but the UPF 50+ rated fabrics block 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Pets need sunscreen just as much as their human counterparts but any sunscreen used should be labeled for use on pets to ensure safety.

Roller Derby: Pets may not be able to actually speed skate around a track and score points, but furry friends can definitely have some rolling fun of their own this summer. Small animals can get involved in the roller derby excitement by exploring the house on their own with an exercise ball. The Super Pet Critter Cruiser is a pet-powered exercise car for hamster, gerbils and mice, which make it easy for any derby doll to roam the house. For those hamsters and gerbils raring for some speed, homemade tracks can be built so small animals can race just like many have done during Petco’s annual Hamster Ball Derby.

Mountain Biking: Off road biking has become increasingly more popular, and since Norman the scooter riding dog learned to bike, it seems nearly anything with pets is possible! Petco suggests leaving biking to the experts and instead hit the trails by foot. Some experts believe that medium size dogs need to run an average of five miles per week to maintain their health and large dogs need to run even more, so it’s a perfect compromise. Start out by letting pets get used to the trail surface. Rocks and dirt can take a toll on sensitive paw pads so consider wearing paw protectors or booties. Once pets are comfortable, work up their endurance by starting with a quick walk or jog. While trail running is a great summer sport, being outdoors on hiking trails or in remote areas, means an increased risk of exposure to flea and ticks. Make sure to inspect pets after any run, and if a tick is found, remove it within 24 hours to reduce the risk of disease. Both Advantage and Advantix make great at-home prevention solutions. Sentry Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo also repels and kills these little pests using natural active ingredients. In addition, it’s important to make sure dogs stay hydrated while running. Considering dogs wear a fur coat all year long, when the weather heats up heatstroke and dehydration can happen more frequently. This is important for runners to know because heat stroke can be fatal if not treated right away. Help avoid dehydration with Kurgo’s Retro Bloom Zippy Bowl. The collapsible bowl fits in a back pocket and unzips to make an instant dog bowl.

For more information on how to include pets in all summer adventures visit http://www.petco.com/summer.

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