Chi-Town Boot Camps Announce New Exercise Regimens to Get Your Heart Rate to Optimal Levels

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Your heart rate is one of the most important pieces in gauging your exercise intensity. Three-in-One boot camp programs at Chicago Boot Camps are designed to get your heart rate up and keep it up during workouts.

Craig Kastning, one of the owners of Chi-Town Boot Camps announces a plan to get your heart rate up to optimal rates to ensure weight loss, body conditioning, and fat reduction. “When you’re working out, if you feel that you’ve pushed yourself and are at the point of exhaustion or really struggling to breathe, you know the intensity of the exercise is at a level where you’re probably getting some benefit.” Trainers at Chi-Town Boot Camps emphasize that the next factor to 3-in-1 training and gaining the advantages of training is your heart rate. “Your heart rate gives you more of a scientific view of your exercise intensity.” According to Craig, “The higher your heart rate during boot camp workout or while running or walking, then the higher the exercise intensity.” It is obvious that the benefits you receive from Chi-Town Boot Camps workouts will help you burn more calories. Chi-Town boot camps include running, step-up exercises, and cardio workouts to provide maximum benefits for heart rate training.

At Chi-Town seminars Craig and his team of personal trainers teach that the best way to monitor your heart rate during exercise is through a heart rate monitor. Monitors are available at all Chi-Town Boot Camps locations. Craig stresses that you need to wear a monitor and trainers help you synchronize these monitors to your personal calculations. The rule of thumb taught at Chi-Town Boot Camps is to find your pulse, count the number of times you heart beats within six seconds, and multiply that number by 10. Craig says, “That is what your heart rate is per minute.” Scientifically, Chicago personal trainer teach that if you take your age, subtract it from your heart rate and multiply that number by 85% you will have an accurate heart rate. Boot camp sessions at Chi-Town Boot Camps use your heart rate to optimal limits, but Craig Kastning emphasizes that knowing your heart rate will also help keep your exercise regimes in line. “Sometime we tend to over-exercise and, when we do that, we can cause injuries or reach a point of fatigue or failure.” One of the mottos at Chi-Town is to consistently get out and burn calories on a regular basis. Craig and his team teach that exercising is like running a marathon; steady and consistent, not a sprint.

Sign up at to take advantage of a $1.00 assessment listed on the Social Living section. Craig Kastning designs individualized systems of weight training, body conditioning and weight loss that use heart rate optimization. “When you’re starting out, start slowly and, before you do, just make sure you consult a doctor or a physician, to make sure you’re in great shape to start your workout.”

Craig Kastning emphasizes that “I will give you 100% commitment to your health and fitness goals by providing you my 3-in-1 fat-burning, muscle-toning and conditioning workout for the next four weeks. All I want from you is the same 100% commitment from you. Use heart monitors to ensure that your workout is optimized.”

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