Marriage & Relationship Therapist Launches A Website To Help Porn Addicts

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Though internet has connected the whole world, it has also spread the venom of pornography to adults as well as young adults whose personal and social life faces dangers. Ryan Wynder, Las Vegas based relationship and marriage therapist has launched a site to help these people.

With widespread use of internet, the pornography industry is making billions of dollars and eventually affecting the lives of many men and women. Watching too much questionable material on the internet is the primary reason behind emergence of individuals who become pornography and masturbation addicts. This addiction controls the lives of people in such a way that they spend majority of their time on such activities. As a result, they are gradually cut off from their near and dear ones. Ryan Wynder has understood the importance of helping these people get out of the addiction. He is now offering a site to help people control their porn and masturbation addiction.

In his professional life as a marriage and relationship therapist, Ryan has met thousands of individuals who were the victims of the effects of pornography addiction. He received a lot of first-hand knowledge on how people become porn addicts and how this behavior affects life of other individuals around the addicts. Ryan says that most of these people do not even realize how they lose control of their own mind in this addiction and cause harm to other people associated with them. Regrettably, lack of guidance and direction implies that addicts have no help available even if they want to get rid of the problem. Eventually, the personal and professional lives of these addicts get seriously jeopardized.

Another unfortunate social fact is that the internet has become armed with pornography in such a way that not only the adults but also the young people are being affected by porn addiction. As a result, a growing number of young adults are getting into trouble as they prefer virtual relationships and pleasure, and make their real life less active.

Timely counseling can help both the adults and young adults gain control of themselves and get rid of this dangerous habit. But not all addicts can reach professional therapists because of lack of resources or lack of available services. Keeping in view the need of proper guidance for porn addicts, Ryan has launched his website,, to reach all those who need help in quitting porn addiction. With Ryan’s effective tips, help and advice, people can change their lives by getting out of the vicious habit.

Ryan’s site is not only useful for these addicts but it also serves as a great resource for those who offer counseling to the porn addicts. The porn addicts can learn effective strategies to combat their problems and family members and therapists can find tips to help their loved ones and clients. It is not wrong to say that Ryan’s site is doing a great social service by offering all this information.

Anyone who needs help to away from the dangerous pornography addiction can get necessary information from the site:

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