Vizinex RFID Has the Rx for High Value Medical Assets

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Adaptable Sentry ASTTM platform delivers customizable RFID tags for demanding healthcare industry applications.

Vizinex RFID, a leading designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf and customized HF and UHF RFID tags, today announced several applications of their gamma resistant, autoclave, and asset tracking RFID tags. The company’s Sentry AST tags feature a unique platform designed for the demanding sterilization and durability requirements of the healthcare industry.

Critical to patient safety, the importance of infection control and the role sterilization plays in it cannot be overstated. Vizinex offers two RFID tags that meet very different sterilization requirements. The Sentry ASTTM Autoclave can withstand repeated autoclave sterilization cycles. This small footprint mount-on-metal tag is designed for tracking high value medical or laboratory assets, or trays of assets. When required, an autoclave-tested film label and adhesive can also be attached to the tag.

“While other tags exist for the same purpose, Vizinex tags are constructed very differently,” stated Phil Koppenhofer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Not only must these tags withstand extremely high temperatures, they must also endure repeated temperature cycling between hot and cold. These temperature changes cause expansion and contraction in the materials, which create potential failure points,” explains Koppenhofer. “Because we build our own 3-dimensional inlay, we can engineer the tag for the application-specific purpose while many of our competitors attempt to adjust the parameters of their basic tag. Ultimately, our design is simpler, more durable and less prone to failure.”

In addition to the Autoclave tag, Vizinex also offers the Sentry ASTTM Gamma HF. This radiation-resistant tag incorporates the Fujitsu MB89R1118C chip that has been tested to 80 kiloGrays, and provides 2kBytes FRAM for extra data storage.

While sterilization of medical devices is critically important, the vast majority of high value assets that must be tracked in a hospital fall outside of this category. From patient gurneys to laptops to IV carts—many of these items are on wheels, making tracking a challenge. In the past, adhesive barcodes were used to track hospital assets. However, this method cannot endure the rigorous, repeated chemical cleaning required today. Because Vizinex employs a very durable base tag construction in their full line of Sentry AST products, adjustments to withstand chemical rigors are unnecessary.

With escalating healthcare costs, the need to minimize loss is greater than ever. ViziGuardTM, an asset verification tag, incorporates a specific feature of the NXP G2iL+ chip to clearly identify a tag that has been tampered with, or removed from its original placement position. While the tag itself remains fully functional, the removal of the tag initiates a data change in a specific chip memory bank, providing clear evidence that tampering has occurred. ViziGuard offers hospitals the security of not only tracking high value assets, but ensuring they remain in use for the full life of the asset.

“Vizinex tags offer an especially good fit for many of our healthcare and medical device clients,” stated Ken Horton, CEO, Vizinex RFID. “The key to our success in this market lies in the durability and adaptability of our Sentry AST product platform. It provides a uniquely rugged foundation, which is also easily customizable. The result is a range of RFID tags which perform well in demanding environments so common in hospitals and throughout healthcare,” added Horton.

About Vizinex RFID
Vizinex RFID, headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, designs and manufactures RFID tags for diverse asset tracking applications—from rugged environments in the oil industry, to medical devices requiring repeated sterilization, to long-range vehicle tracking. Vizinex RFID’s Sentry AST™ line of rigid tags provides unsurpassed reliability and consistency in read-range performance. Our manufacturing capabilities also include traditional, flexible film-based tags. This dual manufacturing platform enables Vizinex to design tags to meet challenging, application-specific requirements cost-effectively. With prototyping and manufacturing located in the U.S., our time from concept to delivery is unmatched. Founded in 2001 as RCD Technology, Vizinex exhibits a tradition of innovation and superior functionality—allowing us to deliver RFID, the way you imagined. For more information, visit our website

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