The ‘Future of Health Now’ – FOHN, Presents Their Goal of Helping One Million People Lead Happier, Healthier Lives

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Futute of Health Now, FOHN is a science-based health publishing company founded by Erai Beckman and Chris Mercer. Their main aim is to establish a New Health Movement of empowered consumers improving their lives with actionable information. Today FOHN has launched their campaign to help One Million people live fulfilled lives with already 10 days worth of content in long interviews with some of the greatest doctors’ scientists and celebrity thought leaders that the world of health and wellness has to offer.

The Future of Health Now has assembled a group of doctors, speakers, dreamers and innovators who are all uniquely-focused on niche areas in the rapidly-intersecting worlds of western and natural medicine. Right now FOHN has made available over 20 Interviews in their official web site here - featuring a number of household names like Tim Ferriss of the 4 Four Body, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Daniel Amen, Bill Phillips, Daphne Oz and John Mackie the Co-CEO of Whole Foods.

Lots of users who have come across this content are leaving raving reviews and showing their excitement on this authority materials. Here is what some of the subscribers had to say on facebook.

Linda Carol Rae Short of South Lake Tahoe Community College one of the surfers who came accross these interviews said: "This is worth everyone's time. Please pass the word."

Janice A Willis, Assistant Professor, Psychology at Montgomery County Community College said: "Glad to hear after the sales pitch that the 20 seminars are really free here ( ) and can be paused. I recognize several of the speakers who are respected health care and body expert (fat loss, etc) leaders, so believe the series will be excellent."

These leaders featured on Future of Health Now are known authorities in their areas. There is some bold claims on FOHN website detailing how the medical industry is rotten and how commerce has overtaken the care and concern for the health of consumers.

In a recent article by Chris Kresser on "What Everybody Ought To Know (But Doesn’t) About Heartburn & GERD" he reveals that GERD isn’t caused by too much stomach acid and that low stomach acid causes serious health problems and complications. He proceeds to note, “Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in cures because they aren’t profitable. It’s much more lucrative to sell drugs that people have to take for the rest of their lives than it is to promote dietary or lifestyle changes that would cure the problem.”

The Future of Health Now has ignited the most daring change to the way medicine is understood and practiced…the world has ever seen. and they feel It’s time to change the old, broken medical system, a creative destruction of medicine.

Some of the health, wellness and scientist behind this New Health Movement of empowering consumers in improving their lives with actionable information include:

Anat Baniel - Movement Techniques that Keep You Young
Dr. Mark Hyman - Overcoming Diabesity to Achieve UltraWellness
Dr. Scott Stoll - Genetics, Nutrition, and Weight Loss
Gary Taubes - The Truth About Why You Get Fat
William Grant - Vitamin D: The Key to Health
Daphne Oz - Control Your Weight and Achieve Optimal Health
Dr. Shira Miller - Hormone Balance for Men and Women
Dr. John Monaco - Safe Solutions for Menopause
Rollin McCraty - Lower Stress and Build Resilience Naturally
Dr. Kareem Samhouri - Lose Weight Quickly with Neuro Fitness
Dr. Aubrey De Grey - The Future of Age Reversal
Dr. John Berardi - Fat Loss Secrets For Successful Body Transformation
Dr. Daniel Amen - Strengthen Your Life with Brain Power
Dr. Cynthia Green - Enhance Brain Power and Memory
John Mackey - Whole Foods for Health
Dr. Brandon Colby - Outsmart Your Genes
Bill Phillips - Transform Your Life From the Inside Out
Timothy Ferriss - Rewriting the Rules for the Optimal Body
Dr. Jonny Bowden - The Easy, Proven Way to a Slim Body
David Kekich - Be Smart, Strong, and Sexy at 100 and Beyond
Chad Sarno - Super Healing Foods From Whole Foods Market’s Senior Chef
Dr. Neil Fiore - Connecting with the Present Moment to End Stress

Visit Future of Health Now – FOHN Official Website for their upcoming online summit in July 2012 this link

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