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Ten Must-Have Travel Apps announced by is widely recognized as one of the internet’s best discount hotel providers, supplying budget minded travelers with cheap hotel deals, and guaranteeing the lowest possible rates online. Hotels Cheap was launched in 2002, and has remained consistent throughout its ten-year tenure, (ancient in terms of web businesses). In addition to traditionally supplying hotel deals, Hotels Cheap frequently publishes travel articles for online customers. Recently the company published an article on “Haunted Hotels”, which received high praise and was recognized around the industry. In November 2008, Hotels Cheap published a review on the Worst Hotel Reviews of all time, again with a unique, humorous view of the industry.

Not all travel articles put out by Hotels Cheap are tongue in cheek however, in June 2012 Hotels Cheap conducted a research study to determine the Top Ten Travel Apps, wrapped in a nice infographic. The review contains ten of the best travel apps in the smart phone / travel industry.

Many travelers these days are lost without their smart phone, relying on it for phone calls, voicemail, email, instant messenger, maps, banking, investments, etc. Four in ten cell phone users rely on their phone for travel assistance. Six in ten have used a travel app on their phone. Most of these tech-savvy travelers are using their phone to look up restaurants or to check on flight schedules. Nearly half were using their phone to read hotel reviews or to make a last minute reservation for a cheap New York hotel for example. But what many haven’t discovered yet, is how fun, and useful apps have really become. Yes, travelers can have their cake and eat it too.
Without further ado, below is the list of Top-Ten-Travel-Apps recognized by

1) TripIt is a must-have travel app, free to users through the app store. Travelers who haven’t used Tripit before will be pleasantly surprised to find it solves a modern day “techie need” in a big way, by organizing itineraries from thousands of online travel companies into one manageable, organized itinerary that automatically downloads to your mobile phone. For example, the average traveler often reserves components of their trip using different websites. Someone might reserve a hotel through, book a flight through, and reserve a car through By simply forwarding confirmation emails to “Plans(at)tripit(dot)com” Tripit is able to create one simple itinerary and forward it to the user within seconds. Tripit is a must-have if you are a frequent traveler.

2) With Wikitude, a smart phone’s camera becomes a virtual encyclopedia. Gone are the days of lugging around “The World Book”, travelers now can (amazingly) point their phone at a tourist location, and descriptive content appears overlaid on their smart phone, describing the scene with descriptions of what a person might visibly see in person. Travelers not familiar with the famous statue of David in Florence Italy, Wikitude can help. Not up to date on the details of the famous Scotsman William Wallace, point your phone at the memorial, Wikitude can explain it all. It is an amazing app in this virtual world we live in.

3) Flightaware is a serious app for the aviation elite. Pilots and airport personnel all know about this app, but the casual traveler may not be familiar with it. Not to say it is not useful though, it has proven to be useful for one simple reason – Flightaware is a one stop shop for looking up flight and gate information. This app will be a big time-saver for the casual traveler who does not always fly the same airline. Flightaware makes finding that airline information easy as can be. A definite must-have.

4) Postragram is a favorite apps for many traveling tourists. The perfect concept for travel and smart phones, Postagram enables folks to create personalized post cards, simply snap a picture, write a message, type in the recipients address, and Postagram prints out the postcard, and mails it! The app is free, but the postcard cost 99 cents each. Personalized post-cards, cheaper than a store bought post-card, personalized with one's own picture, and hassle free.

5) Trailhead is a robust app which leads hiking enthusiasts to the nearest hiking or biking trail. The app helps outdoor aficionados navigate and track their trek using the phone's GPS, recording how long the hike was, the elevation gain, time of the trip, and even marks positions on a map. Trailhead is a modern marvel outdoors-man will cherish.

6) Kayak, despite the name, is an online travelers dream, a hub for booking flights, hotels, car deals, and it contains a host of other valuable travel tools such as currency converter, flight tracker. Kayak even provides price alerts to assist in finding deals when they occur. Kayak is a jack of all trades. The app is free in the app store.

7) Explore the city with confidence using the AllSubway app. AllSubway is a must-have for folks who live in the 137 cities whose primary mode of transportation is subways. Spanning cities around the globe, AllSubway is a handy app to own, giving smart phone users freedom to explore the city with confidence.

8) Popular website Yelp isn’t just for the home computer. The Yelp app on a smart phone opens up a virtual world, and helps locate what is close by, superimposing business names onto buildings in the camera’s view. Yelp provides free reviews for hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, and even gathers advice for doctors, pharmacies, or dentists. Yelp is an advanced app that travelers will find useful.

9) Take a guess at what SitorSquat is. You get one guess. … Did you guess “free toilet locator and review guide”? Badabing! In foreign countries, sometimes you just want to go to the bathroom in a familiar position. SitOrSquat details 100,000 toilets: how close, how clean, how comfortable and “sit” or “squat”.

10) Trip Journal is a virtual log of your adventures. It tracks your travels with GPS, geotags your photos and allows you to stick placemarks and notes in, too. Export your travels to Google Earth! $2.99 is the download cost—less than a scrapbook and far more portable.

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