Liens and Levies Due To Unpaid Back Taxes: Adjustments to the 2006 Tax Gap Statistics by the IRS (IR-2012-4) Shows $10 Billion Increase in Enforcement and Late Payments.

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The tax gap is estimated to be $385 Billion. This shows that tax compliances has dropped from 83.7% to 83.1% according to the new release of tax gap estimate by the IRS at the start of this year, (IR-2012-4, Jan. 6, 2012). The IRS is aware of the economic crisis and is willing to work with taxpayers, however, if tax bills continue to be ignored, collection actions will take place. These collection actions include wage garnishments, bank account levies, and property liens. Titan Tax Relief is a full service tax resolution service, with skilled team of tax attorneys and tax professionals who provides help with back taxes, and Audit Presentations.

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Each year, an increasing number of individuals and business owners that will fall behind on their tax obligations or fail to file a timely return. In the past decade, the amount of back taxes and unfiled returns has been growing due to the state of the economy. Today's economy has led to extended lengths of unemployment and financial stress. Due to loss of income, many taxpayers are defaulting on their tax payments or intentionally avoiding their tax obligations. The reality is that many of these people are hard working professionals that have always managed to meet their tax and other financial obligations in the past, but the combination of the stress and anxiety of constantly mounting debt and loss of income, can be frustrating and too much for anyone to handle on their own.

The IRS has become more flexible when it comes to collecting back taxes through tax settlements and payment plans to be able to collect and recover some of the money owed to them. There have been many changes to programs like Offer In Compromise (OIC) to reflect the IRS’s efforts to collect the back taxes owed to them. By working with a professional tax attorney, these looming tax issues can become resolved once and for all.

Titan Tax relief works in conjunction with their clients and the IRS in order to negotiate affordable monthly payments and lowest possible one time lump sum payments in order to get their clients out of debt and on their way to a fresh start. They work hard to come up with specific tax resolutions for each individual client, as each person and business has a different situation when it comes to back taxes. The bottom line is that the IRS wants to be paid no matter how flexible they have become, and in today's economy, they are more than willing to negotiate. The problem is that the average citizen is not familiar with the legal terminology and complicated tax rules that the IRS has in place, and though they may have honest intentions, one or two missed payments or misunderstanding of their contract can put them right back into default status.

“No more dealing with the IRS on your own. Our expert team of tax professionals will put an end to your IRS tax problems. Titan Tax Relief specializes in resolving your tax situation with our highly qualified IRS tax attorney, former IRS enrolled agents, certified public accountants (CPA) and experienced staff that will assist you through your tax crisis by dealing directly with the IRS on your behalf and communicating with you throughout the process. No more worrying and no more fruitless calls to the IRS. Titan Tax Relief's tax specialists are standing by to help”. - Titan Tax Relief

Titan Tax Relief is an experienced tax resolution firm that understands the importance of having the most talented and experienced staff on board and taking action immediately. They provide helpful and positive solutions for their clients and do their best to negotiate on the behalf of their clients. With Titan Tax Relief, taxpayers know that they will be provided with accurate answers, and the professional tax experts at Titan will not make promises that they cannot keep or give their clients unrealistic expectations. They work hard to negotiate affordable plans that their clients can keep up with and that will satisfy the IRS.

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